Coding in Finance – What’s the Story?

There’s a new trend emerging in the world, and the rise of the coder has been well documented. A lot of people are making the call that learning to code is the most valuable skill that one can learn these days. But how does it fit into the financial world?

It’s no secret that professionals from all over the working world have decided to tap into this emerging market, but in the financial sphere, the introduction of coding and automation could save companies billions of pounds a year that is wasted on tasks that do not need to be manually completed.

Courses in coding are becoming a popular alternative to the more traditional courses which accommodate the budding financial employee, and one such reason for this is because of the reasonable costs associated with.

Bearing in mind that an MBA at a top Business School can cost as much as £100,000, a short, intensive coding course which will only set you back £8-10k seems a much more valuable spend of money and time, especially as qualified coders with an interest in finance are becoming more and more in demand by the industry – demand for developers is growing at an exponential rate and there is simply not enough supply currently.

There’s a growing murmur that the finance industry is in need of a technological overhaul, so if you have a desire to work in finance and the brains to work in coding, it’s definitely something that you should be examining.

There’s a lot of talk amongst developers that the technology they’re developing is going to make a lot of work automated, and being on the side that’s doing the automating sounds like the correct place to be! Chief Technological Officers (CTOs) are becoming more highly paid every day that goes by, and with the right training and the right mindset, one day that could be you!