Five Things You HAVE to Do Whilst You’re Studying in the UK

1. London

Beginning with the obvious, if you’re in the UK, you need to visit London. There’s nowhere quite like it in the world, a melting pot of culture and excitement with brand new skyscrapers like the shard sitting pretty alongside the iconic landmarks of the city like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Don’t stick just with the touristy stuff though, find some events on in the Capital and get a real taste of what it’s about. Also, a great photo opportunity and the first thing people will ask you when you go home for the holidays!

2. Oxford & Cambridge

The other thing you’re going to be asked (assuming you’re not studying there) is whether you’ve visited the two ancient academic powerhouses of Oxford and Cambridge. Both the City of Dreaming Spires (Oxford) and the City of Perspiring Dreams (Cambridge) are absolutely gorgeous places, packed full of tradition, students and history. Walk around the Colleges, admire the architecture and marvel at the fact that these places still exist in the world of steel and metal we live in in today’s day and age. It’s probably worth going punting on the river whilst you’re there, soaking up the sights on one of the rivers of the Oxbridge duo.

3. Edinburgh – The Other Capital

The ‘other capital’, as Edinburgh is known, is much smaller than London, but has its own unique charm and offers some of the most beautiful settings in the UK. If you can, visit during the month of August, when the world famous Fringe festival of comedy and culture takes place. The city comes to life in a blaze of entertainment and becomes one of the most exciting places on Earth for the duration of the month. Whilst you’re there, take in some of Edinburgh’s amazing sights too – walk the Royal Mile, climb the historic Arthur’s Seat and marvel at the view and explore the ‘haunted’ vaults that run beneath the streets.

4. Go to a Festival

Maybe slightly more rogue than our other suggestions, but Festivals are a mainstay of British student culture. We’re not suggesting that you need to go to Reading and stay in a field with a load of post-GCSE lunatics swilling Frosty Jacks out of the bottle to get the experience, but look around and see what you can find that suits you. There’s all sorts of Festivals about, from Literature to Cider to Jazz, but if you want the full experience and everything you could possibly dream of on a campsite, we’d say maybe try to get tickets for Glastonbury. Iconic and quintessentially British, it’s an experience that everyone should have once in a lifetime.

5. The Lakes

On the other end of the spectrum, you’re going to want some chill out time, and an amazing way to see the most beautiful part of the country is to go and visit the Lake District. It’s tranquil lakes, rolling hills and wonderful wildlife have inspired some of the greatest English poets across the ages, and its very obvious why this is the UK’s favourite National Park and a national treasure at that. If you need to relax, a stay in the Lakes will hit the spot!