How to Prepare for an Insight Day

The last thing you need to do is get in a tis about the prospect of an insight day!

If you’ve managed to secure a place on an insight day with a bank, finance firm or professional services firm there a couple of things you can do to prepare. However, remember that one of the main purposes of this type of work experience (yes, it counts as work experience to pop on your CV!) is to give you the opportunity to learn more about a company, what they do, and the type of work involved in a certain department or role at a company. This is a great chance to ask questions and find out all you feel you need to know before you get working on an application to the firm for an internship.

Here are some hints on how to prepare for an insight day

  • Do some research on the company before you go. Okay, the point of the day is that you get to learn more about the company, but it’s smart to have at least some idea of what they do beforehand. It makes a good impression and could give rise to some questions you won’t necessarily think of if you haven’t looked into what they do beforehand.
  • The insight day is likely to include a quick introduction section in which everyone briefly introduces themselves. If situations like this have a tendency to make you a little bit nervous, then have something fixed in your head about why you are there/interested in the company. Once it’s out of the way, you’ll be able to crack on with any group tasks and networking opportunities with confidence.
  • Make sure you’ve got something smart to wear! You’ll be heading into a business environment for your insight day; best make sure you’re suited and booted appropriately for the occasion! This means a smart suit for the chaps and smart trousers or sensible-length skirt and blouse or smart dress for the girls. And clean shoes all round, ladies and gents!
  • Do some reading up on group activities. As part of the insight day you might be asked to take part in a group activity or two. But don’t overthink this! The most important thing is to be yourself on the day – that’s what the firm are keeping an eye out for.
  • Think about the questions you want to ask. What do you want to know about working there? Is there something you’ve seen on the website that was interesting to you and you want to know more about? Write them down if you need to and then you’ll be set to get answers for everything you need to know!