IT and Banking – Tips from the top

With the presence of technology growing ever more influential on the banking world, we examine what new IT employees need to do in order to prove themselves and make sure that they are moving up the career ladder to the coveted position of the Chief Information Officer.

1) Strategic Thinking

The world is changing because of technology and the rise of social media has influenced the landscape further than anyone could ever have imagined. For that reason, IT employees must be constantly thinking strategically in order to demonstrate that they are ahead of the curve.

2) Communication

With the power of technology harnessed, it is easier than ever to communicate. As a role that was traditionally considered to be behind the scenes, the leaders in any IT department will be those who are striving to communicate with the other sectors of the business and therefore, influencing people all over the company.

3) Risk everything – occasionally

There are very few breakthroughs that are made by staying within the set up that has been created for you by other people. If a scenario arises where you have the opportunity to change something and you think it could be better, put your neck on the line and trust yourself. The ones who innovate are the ones who move up to higher roles.

4) Understand

There are those within the bank who will come to the department with problems that you didn’t know existed. It is key therefore, to listen and appreciate any feedback which is given and to do your best to rectify any issues with minimal fuss.

Arguing and causing friction is not the way to progress – rather, it is in working with others and understanding the needs of the business that IT within the Banking sector can reach its full potential.