Market Information

All of that commercial awareness would be so much more difficult for modern businesses to absorb quickly and utilise for strategy, investments and business development if they didn’t have a helping hand from their market information providers…

Market information: the pulse of the finance world…

Market information solutions are the life blood for today’s business professionals. New technologies, newsfeeds and software products are constantly being developed and honed to help companies to get the latest information, data, news and analytics zapped across to them as quickly as possible. This area is all about helping them to keep on top of market developments as quickly as possible so that they can react in the best possible way. If you’re a fan of cutting edge technology and in-depth research then this could be an areas for you.  Ah, the wonders of the 21st century!

Market information providers like Bloomberg provide their products to a huge range of clients, from banks, financial services firms and hedge funds, to companies of all sizes and government organisations. Roles in this industry vary from research and compilation of national and international financial market stories and developments to highly technical product development, analytics and sales.

Tell me more about market information roles…

An interest in financial markets is essential for a job in market information. Some roles may require a finance background gained from a relevant degree like economics, accounting or financial mathematics, or a technical degree such as market research and developer positions. However, it’s not essential for all roles. Language skills are also highly regarded and sought after in market information; it has a truly global outlook and there are many opportunities to work in offices across the world if you’re fluent in more than one language!

Roles in global data could involve conducting research into various financial markets and monitoring developments for inclusion in various feeds across the solutions and media platforms these market information companies provide. There are also reporting opportunities for those with a taste for financial journalism.

Technical experts could also find challenging and lucrative careers within this area, maintaining and fixing any issues with existing products and developing brand new ones for the market.

Client facing are primarily within sales and analytics. Sales professionals will work with existing and potential new clients on a daily basis, liaising face-to-face and via telephone and email to pitch new products, ensure they have the best services tailored to their business needs, and seal deals on sales. So charm, charisma, and an exceptional understanding of the companies they work with and the products they sell is key! It’s quite common for people to eventually specialise in a particular market sector. Business development is also a key part of these roles; cold calling for lead generation is often a feature.

There are also customer services roles available which involve supporting people over the phone with any queries or issues they experience with their products.

Internships are a great way to get your foot into the door in market information, and could even lead to interviews for full-time roles. You’ll generally need to have a degree for an entry role.