Maths & Statistics


Maths and statistics are essential tools in business. It’s a bit of a Marmite discipline – and if you love it and have a fabulous mind for calculations, trend spotting and problem solving then you could find your haven in banking, finance or accountancy.  Needless to say, the majority of jobs will require a good head for numbers! And some roles have maths and statistics at the epicentre of their duties and responsibilities…


Actuaries are masters in complex statistical analysis and quantitative methods. They use their maths brains to assess risk levels for companies in lots of different industries, banks, public sector services and governments. They are vital components of pension, asset management and insurance firms.

Financial Analysis

Statisticians, financial analysts and quantitative analysts and associates provide in-depth analysis of financial markets to help decision makers in a company make the right moves, whether that be in investments, mergers or asset pricing. In investment banking, for example, financial analysts use statistical modelling to provide financial forecasts (using historical data and events to take an informed prediction of how a market or trend might perform in the future), advise on risk levels and to provide up-to-date reports on a particular market, economy or industry.

Accounting & Tax

Calculations are an integral part of the job when it comes to audit, assurance, bookkeeping and tax return preparation. If you’re a whizz with numbers and like solving puzzles, then accounting and tax jobs offer plenty of that at their core!