Networking tips from the top

There’s loads of events where you’ll do your chances of employment no harm by networking effectively. In order to do so though, you’ll need to follow a few key steps to make sure that you’re going about things in the right way.

1) Research

Find events near you that are related to the firms you want to work for and the industries you are interested in. Make sure that you get dates into a calendar as soon as possible so you don’t miss opportunities, and you’ll be in much better shape to get a game plan together a couple of days before.

2) Specifics

Find out vaguely what the itinerary of the event is, and utilise it to find out the best times to be there in order to maximize the people you meet and the effectiveness of the event to your own personal agenda

For example, if Deloitte are someone you want to work for and they’re hosting two talks near you, make sure you know which one will offer you more and attend that one—identify in advance if you want to speak to certain individuals and then seek those people out once you’re there.

3) Rapport

By building up a network of contacts at these events, you’ll be able to gain the trust of certain individuals who may be able to help you out further along the process, or at the very least be able to point you in the right direction.

Remember though, that everyone at a company can have some effect on your life and that tips often come from places you don’t expect, so go with an open mind and try to build up a rapport with anyone who wants to talk to you—you never know when luck will strike.

4) Close the deal

If someone has given you their details remember to follow up by sending some sort of message to thank them for their time and for all their help, whether that be via email or LinkedIn. People remember little acts of kindness, and tend to keep their word to people who are more willing to put their necks on the line, so it can do you no harm at all.

They might even be able to help you out with your applications or be able to suggest other people to contact within a given company who could be of great importance to your prospects.