Whether it’s company research for potential new investments, industry news and market research or due diligence work (the investigative work into the finances of a company ahead of an investment, merger or acquisition), there’s a bagful of opportunities for roles that focus on research alone if you like investigation, analysis, spotting patterns and trends and nitty-gritty details.

Business decisions, strategy and investments can’t be plucked out of thin air; there needs to be a solid ground of facts and up-to-the-minute information in whatever is done.

Each area will have its own team of clued up research analysts and associates to put decision makers in banking and finance perfectly in the picture on just about anything the client needs. Industries and markets move quickly, so research jobs are often fast paced as it’s vital to keep up with all of the successes, breaking stories and trials and tribulations of their specialist areas.


Public sector and private sector services all thrive on the rather extensive golden nuggets of information consultants can provide them with. Teams of analysts with their own specialist areas can conduct internal research within a company to feed back to senior management and directors on areas like audits on accounting and technology, business strategy and management. Investment consultancies will dig into information on potential new assets on behalf of their clients.

Research serves as a huge part of professional services offerings to their clients too.

Investment Banking

Research analysts in investment banking are usually split up into different specialisms such as equity and credit. They have to be top notch all-rounders: they dissect the latest business and industry news, write regular industry reports, create financial models to aid analysis, assess releases of financial information from companies, and can even get involved with areas such as marketing with the arrangement of events.

They support the bank’s clients who fall under their industry expertise, institutional investors and the trading and sales division of the bank with their guru research.

Other areas for research

Asset management, pension schemes and wealth management services all need to be enriched with the insight of extensive industry research, so you’ll find opportunities to develop your research trade here too if you so choose.

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