Three Quick CV Fixes

OK, so you’re looking for that elusive role in asset management, and it’s eluding you? Don’t panic, we’re here to help, and we’ve got three linked quickfire tips that can turn your CV from good to spot on in absolutely no time at all. So, without further ado!

1) Don’t just list employers

What people are looking for is that you have genuine experience and have achieved some sort of end product, and far too many people simply list their experiences without explaining why they’re important.

Remember that less can be more if you flesh it out properly – it’s far more impressive to show all the actual deliverables that you produced in one role (whether that be as part of a University society or in work experience) than if you just list three or four different names.

2) Tailor your achievements

The follow up to this is making sure that every achievement that you’re listing is linked back to the role you are actually applying for. Show how the skills you have learned are important to the industry and use specific examples to ground them in the asset management field.

If you have experience in the industry in terms of work experience or internships, you need to make these your top priority and lay the biggest emphasis on what you did personally in your time there. By showing exactly what you have to offer as opposed to another candidate, you will be showcasing your maximum employability to the company.

3) Remember your academics

It’s easy to make this a small part of what you’ve achieved, especially on a CV, but one of the best ways to show your talent is to link specific parts of your course and your academic achievements to the company you’re applying to.

Not only will this demonstrate that you have gained an exemplary education, but it will also show you can think outside of the box and that you’re completely focused on the field, which is a massive boost to your prospects and will make you much more attractive to employers who sift through hundreds of CVs every time a position opens.