Types of International Opportunities in Finance

If you want the thrill of the corporate world and have a thirst for overseas travel, there’s a huge range of opportunities to experience finance abroad in all kinds of businesses.

International internships & placements…

Companies like World Endeavors, Capital Placement and Stand Out run and organise internships in organisations across the world in everything from accounting in the Americas to marketing and healthcare Hong Kong. The placements offer a range of experiences in finance around the world designed to offer exciting experiences as well and real-life professional challenges.

The programmes could suit college leavers or gap-year students eager to gain experience in a sector before university. Or you could be at any stage of your career and just want to learn more about a particular field whilst experiencing a part of the world.

The only downside is that placements must be chosen from the organisations associated with the placement company – and sadly, they aren’t free. As well as fees for applications and programmes, there are flights, accommodation and living costs to pay for. That said, the companies do offer a huge range of potential countries in which to work and gain real-life experience.


Erasmus offers exchange programmes and opportunities to study abroad which can be fantastic if you’re a first year at university. Work placements funded by the British Council offer a change of scenery while gaining invaluable knowledge of employment in a particular field, which can directly benefit your studies. Placements can last anywhere from a few months to a whole year depending on the university’s arrangements.

A placement could put an extra year onto a traditional three-year course, or may even be incorporated as a mandatory part of a four-year course Students working abroad receive credits for their placement which contribute to their degree. Grants are offered which usually cover some additional living costs and travel, and some employers also offer a basic salary.

Opportunities with finance firms & banks…

Of course, there is the possibility of applying for an internship directly to organisations with an international presence. If you’re set on working abroad, investment firms like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank offer internships in all of their global headquarters for residents of all countries. The competition is usually fierce, but the opportunities are out there. Possible placements could include foreign banks or a company’s accounts department, giving you practical work experience as well as the ability to practise and improve your language skills. The possibilities are endless!