What Can I Do With A Business Degree?

Business Degrees are increasing in the world today, and with their versatility and application, it’s easy to see why. Usually a business degree will cover a variety of subjects including accounting, finance, management, entrepreneurship and bookkeeping, which puts you at a distinct advantage in a whole host of financial jobs and marks you out as someone with a wide range of skills – everyone wants someone who can apply themselves in different areas!

There are a variety of options though, so have a look at some of these:

Graduate Scheme

The obvious option, if you will. There are schemes all over the place for aspiring business graduates in the finance industry and although competition is stiff and you’ll be battling with some of the other finest minds in the country, the rewards can be great. All sorts of business elements are included in grad schemes and you need to decide what kind of route you want to take if you decide this is the path for you – specialisation is worth considering, but there’s also broader schemes in some firms and management in the finance industry often offer these, so if you’d rather stay as a utility player, that might be worth having a look at!


The famous follow on for a business degree is the MBA, the Masters version of the Business Degree. Majorly respected in all firms, this is a notoriously expensive option so you need to be sure about it if this is your way forward. Some firms offer sponsorship of this to their candidates; so explore your options before jumping in headfirst. For more information, check out our MBA page here. (And on a further little plug, I’ve written a cracking article about doing an MBA in Europe, which you can read for free – my gift!)

More Further Education

The MBA is by no means the only qualification you can follow a business degree with – in fact, there’s a whole host of them and each has its own merits. We have dedicated pages to all the different qualifications you can follow a degree with over here, but remember again that many of these qualifications can be sponsored by companies one you’ve started working for them, so make sure that you explore everything open to you – why pay for it yourself when you can be paid to do it?


The rogue child of the bunch – but you’ll have learned plenty of entrepreneurial skills over your time at Uni, and this could be the time to put that into action. Indeed, Lord Young has recently said that it’s the best time ever to begin a start-up in the UK so if you have an idea and a dream, you have the passion to see it through and the dedication to make sure you put the hours in, it could be the best decision you ever make!