Why Choose the UK to Study a Finance Course?

Considering studying a finance course in the UK? Good choice! There’s plenty on offer for keen, bright young students interested in finance…

The global recognition of academic establishments in the UK is firmly cemented. According to the QS World University Rankings 2014/15, nearly a quarter of the top 25 universities in the world are British establishments.

The City

Coupled with the fact that London is one of the financial capitals of the world, if you want the potential for career development in a thriving economic centre, there are few better places than Britain to begin your journey! Huge international banking firms have made London their home, and studying for a finance course on their doorstep is a fantastic way to get in on the action.

Top business schools

What’s more, London’s prestigious business schools are world-renowned. As well as some unique courses on offer, the skills learned in a UK degree have a worldwide cachet that will impress any employer. With a wealth of establishments across the country offering a range of professional and academic courses, the UK is a fantastic place to gain the qualifications needed to prepare students for a global career in banking or finance.

Broaden your horizons

The opportunity to learn other skills outside the classroom is also something to consider. Studying overseas in any country will give you an international outlook that is invaluable in today’s global financial system. Many professional organisations such as CIMA and ICAEW are based in London, and offer training for these courses as part of placement years in conjunction with universities. Being able to build on and adapt your learning is made considerably easier with the greater access to knowledge that comes from living and studying in an international hub of education.

Master the current lingua franca

English remains the international language of business, meaning that if you want to improve your prospects of a global career in finance, mastery of the national tongue is a great asset.  With dozens of establishments to choose from, British graduates are among the most employable in the world.

Experience British culture

That said, the UK boasts one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse communities in the world. Different cultures and students from across the globe come together in the UK, so studying finance in the here will expose you to a global outlook on your subject that could be trickier to get from studying in your home country.

Along with the potential to build great relationships and network with other like-minded people, studying finance in the UK is an invaluable career boost. Attending university in the UK will demonstrate your status as a truly global student and position you to succeed in a finance career; it’s a great starting point to begin a financial career in any country.