FedEx Express near me • Nearby locations and phone number

There is no doubt that FedEx Express is a leading global package delivery company thanks to its excellent and reliable services. Characterized by the speed with which they reach every destination in the world and the wide variety of centers they have, it is normal that at some point you’ve wondered “Is there a FedEx Express near me?

This is partly because they are seen by the average user as a popular option for those looking to ship packages quickly and securely. FedEx’s differential point that positions them as an ideal option compared to other shipping companies. It has also allowed them to open strategically located locations to be closer to their audience.

FedEx Express nearest you in Philadelphia

The FedEx Express locations we recommend in Philadelphia are among the best because they even offer 24-hour service. That way, customers can send emergency packages at any time.

FedEx Express nearest you in Phoenix

If you are in Phoenix, we recommend these ten FedEx Express locations because they are the best rated by Google My Business users. So you can guarantee good service.

How to get a FedEx Express near me?

  • The first thing to do to get a FedEx branch near your location is to go to their website 
  • Once there, the next thing to do is to click on their “Locations” > “Find a Location” link which is placed at the top of the page

fedex locations

  • Here you will be shown a search portal where you will need to type in your address or zip code. Once you start typing, the system will show you some of the most searched options

fedex miami location

  • Once you have done this, a map will appear before you with the FedEx Express locations closest to the address or zip code you have entered. Each one of these locations will specify their working hours and available services

fedex cities location

  • You will also be able to filter the results by type of location, such as shipping offices, customer service centers or retail stores, as appropriate
  • Once you have done this, you will be able to contact your office or go to it to send or pick up packages. Although it is worth clarifying that whenever you go to pick up a package it is worth taking the receipt with you
  • Likewise, with these contacts you will be able to verify the costs that FedEx shipments may have, which will vary depending on the specific location

How many FedEx Express are there?

FedEx has a large network of offices and service centers strategically spread across the United States, and is by far the leading shipping option after domestic mail. As of 2023, it is estimated that FedEx has around 1900 Express stations in the nation.

This figure is part of the more than 50,000 locations that FedEx has in the United States. This includes shipping offices, customer service centers and retail stores that currently offer FedEx services. Also, I should clarify that this is a number that is constantly changing due to the opening or closing of new locations.

These Express centers handle the receipt and shipment of merchandise in quick periods of time, thus accelerating the shipping process. They are, therefore, considered one of the most important FedEx locations to be part of its delivery process nationwide and worldwide.

What can you ship with FedEx Express?

FedEx Express shipping services are truly comprehensive in seeking to meet the needs of its wide range of customers. Thus, they offer a good shipping regulation compared to other companies. Among their services you will find different possibilities at different price ranges depending on what you require.

Document shipments

FedEx Express offers document shipping services for those who need to send letters, contracts, invoices, diplomas and other types of important documents.

Package shipping

It also offers package shipping services for those who need to ship larger items, such as gifts, commercial products, electronic equipment, spare parts, clothing and other items.

International Shipping

The company offers international shipping services for those who have to send packages and documents to destinations around the world. International services include package shipments, document shipments, and customs and export management services.

Freight forwarding

For those who need to ship bulk or palletized goods, freight forwarding is available. Freight forwarding services include air and ground shipments.

Drug shipments

FedEx Express also offers shipping services for temperature-sensitive drugs and medical supplies, such as pharmaceuticals and vaccines, using its temperature-controlled supply chain network.

How much do FedEx Express packages cost?

The cost of FedEx Express package shipments can vary depending on different factors such as the size and weight of the package, the distance of the shipment, the type of service and any additional services that may be required. Such as delivery at a specific time or the need to sign for the package at the time of delivery to confirm the identity of the recipient.

Therefore, FedEx Express offers several types of shipping services, which vary in price and delivery time. For example, its “FedEx Priority Overnight” express delivery service offers next-day delivery by 10:30 a.m. in most areas of the United States, while its “FedEx Ground” standard delivery service offers delivery in 1-5 business days within the United States.

Following this, it is then that the cost as such of shipping a package with FedEx Express will depend on the different factors already mentioned. The cost of large packages can range from $20 to $80 depending on where the package is being shipped to.

How can I track my package once it has been shipped with this company?

Once your package has been shipped with FedEx Express, the company offers different possibilities to check the location of the package. But mainly this is encouraged with the online package tracking tool with the shipping code. It is here that a tour of the package during its shipment will be presented.

This is possible through the official FedEx website and its mobile app, where by putting in the given shipping number you will be able to find the current location of your package.