Huntington Bank near me • Locations, contact and frequently asked questions

Huntington Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States, with branches in several states across the country. If you are looking for high-quality financial services and exceptional customer service, Huntington Bank is an excellent choice. That’s why you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “Is there a Huntington Bank near me?”

This banking chain prides itself on offering personalized financial services to meet the needs of each of its customers; from checking and savings accounts to mortgage and auto loans, Huntington Bank has a wide range of options to help you reach your financial goals, which makes it an incredible choice for anyone.

Huntington Bank closest to me in Chicago

Huntington Bank has several locations in Chicago. Any of these ten options may be a good choice for your financial needs. Hours of operation are usually from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Huntington Bank near me in Columbus

In Columbus, I recommend going to the banks earlier because they open their doors at 9 AM. Also worth noting, they close their doors to the public at 5 PM. In any case, you will be very well attended at all branches.

How to find a Huntington Bank near me?

  • Finding a Huntington Bank branch near your location can be easy if you use their web tracking service.
  • When you are on the official website, look for the “Find a Branch” option

huntington bank find branch

  • You can then directly enter your location by typing in your address, zip code or city or activate your GPS location

huntington bank locations

  • Once you have done this, the map will be located in the area entered and will show the Huntington Bank branches that are close to your current area
  • Once loaded, you will be able to click on each one of them to obtain more information, such as their address, contact methods and hours of operation
  • You can also search for a specific branch you have in mind in your area and get in touch with them through their contact methods
  • One point to consider is that Huntington is not present in all states of the United States. Therefore, sometimes if you see that you cannot find a branch in your area, it is likely that you are in a residence where the bank is not active

How many Huntington banks are there in the United States?

Huntington Bank is a financial institution headquartered in Columbus, Ohio that offers banking services to individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the United States. Since its founding in 1866, it has grown exponentially to become one of the largest banks in the United States.

According to the most recent information available, Huntington Bank has approximately 1,000 branches in the United States. Most of the branches are located in Midwestern states such as Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. This provides a truly extensive branch network even though it does not have a presence in every state in the country.

Likewise, to offer its users more convenient and flexible banking services, Huntington Bank offers an online service. This service offers the possibility of managing finances securely without the need to constantly go to a branch, but rather from home, with an excellent web service.

How can I open an account with Huntington Bank?

Opening an account with Huntington Bank is a simple process that can be done online or in person, as long as you follow a series of pre-established steps:

  • Visit the Huntington Bank website and go to the “Open an Account” option in the upper right-hand corner of the page

huntington open account

  • Choose the type of account from the variety of personal and business options available on the banking platform

huntington types account

  • Complete an online application in which you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address, social security number and date of birth. In these cases, employment information and financial history will also be requested
  • Once you have completed this application, it is recommended that you review it carefully to ensure that all information is accurate and complete before submitting it
  • It will then take time for the platform to approve the application and allow for the first deposit of funds into the account, which you will need to fund either by transferring funds from another account, with a direct deposit or by visiting a branch to make a deposit.

Alternatively, you can also visit a bank branch to open an account in person. In that case, you will need to bring a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, and proof of address, such as a utility bill or lease. A representative will help you choose the right account for your needs and assist you in completing the application process.

What fees and charges are associated with Huntington Bank accounts?

Huntington Bank offers a variety of bank accounts to meet the financial needs of its customers, so each type of account may be subject to different fees and charges. In general, fees may include monthly fees, transaction fees and ATM withdrawals outside the bank network, among others.

Checking accounts may be subject to monthly fees, but these fees may be reduced or waived if certain requirements are met, such as maintaining a minimum balance or having regular direct deposits. Savings accounts may also be subject to monthly fees. These fees may be waived if a minimum balance is maintained or regular deposits are made.

Huntington Bank may also charge transaction fees, such as wire transfers and check payments. In addition, there may be fees for withdrawals at ATMs that are not in the Huntington Bank network. To avoid these fees, it is important to use this Bank’s ATM or the Allpoint network, with which Huntington Bank has a partnership.

Rates vary by region

It is significant to note that fees and charges may vary by region and account type. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully read the terms and conditions of each account before opening it. In addition, Huntington Bank customers can receive real-time alerts on fees and transactions through the Huntington Heads Up program, allowing them to monitor and control their spending.

Does Huntington Bank have international branches?

Currently, Huntington Bank continues to focus on domestic U.S. audiences, so it does not operate internationally. However, although there is no international presence as such, its customers can conduct international transactions through online and mobile banking services.

For example, customers can send international wire transfers or use this Bank credit or debit cards to make purchases abroad. However, it is important to note that additional fees and charges may apply for these international transactions.

What are the international fees and charges?

The fees and surcharges that apply to international transactions may vary depending on the type of transaction and the country to which you are sending or from which you are receiving the payment. It is therefore advisable to carefully review Huntington Bank’s terms and conditions before making international transactions. In addition, additional fees may also be charged by the recipient’s sending bank.

Therefore, it is advisable to contact the issuing bank for information on any additional fees and charges that may apply. This along with the fact that each deal may be different, interacting directly with the operation of the account itself.