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A tax advisor is a professional specialized in providing advice regarding strategies to reduce the payment of taxes, always within the scope of the law. It is therefore advisable to always have the contact of one for required cases where help with taxes is needed. Therefore, everyone at some point has probably asked themselves, “Is there a tax advisor near me?

If this is your question, it is because you need a trained and knowledgeable person to help you with tax accounting and tax law. So an advisor will be able to guide you to keep you out of the way to minimize tax payments while still complying with the law.

Tax Advisor closest to me in Dallas

As for tax advisors in Dallas, it is easy to find experts with more than five years of experience. Some of them will attend you during specific hours, but there will be others intending to assist you 24 hours a day to solve any emergency.

Tax Advisor near me in Philadelphia

Do you live in Philadelphia? We have selected ten options of tax advisors that can help you in your process. The best thing is that, according to ratings from other clients on Google My Business, they are experts with up to 5-star ratings.

Tax advisors recommended by All About Finance Careers

Usually, the services of a tax advisor are hired by taxpaying entities that will help you with the financial situation presented. Thus, you will need a trustworthy service capable of meeting both your legal and financial requirements regarding tax payments.

Liebert & Associates CPA

liebert cpa


Liebert & Associates CPA is a specialized tax consulting service for individuals and businesses, serving the community since 2007 with a service open seven days a week, giving anyone the opportunity to solve their tax problems.

📍 Address: 401 E 77th St New York, NY 10075

Phone Number: (929) 383-5673

🌐 Website:

Crescere Group

crescere group llc

The Crescere Group is a tax working group specializing in financially troubled individuals and small businesses, advising them on paying taxes and arranging for future payments to take advantage of the tax advantages possible.

📍 Address: 12900 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75230

Phone Number: (214) 353-0654

🌐 Website:

Williams Pitts & Beard


Established in 1983, Williams Pitts & Beard considers itself a company equipped with all the possibilities to serve its clients best by giving them the opportunity to properly deal with the organization and payment of their taxes for the tax year.

📍 Address: 2042 McIngvale Rd Hernando, MS 38632

Phone Number: (662) 429-4436

🌐 Website:

Badu Tax Services

jb badu tax services

Badu Tax Services offers a specialized service with everything related to taxes, from payment preparation to specialized consulting. This is how they position themselves as an incredible option for those who have different problems when it comes to making their tax payments.

📍 Address: 4258 N Greenview Ave Chicago, IL 60613

Phone Number: (773) 819-5675

🌐 Website:

Cutting Edge Innovative

cutting edge

This company has been in business for over 18 years with a certified tax help service for their top-tier clients with a team ready to meet your tax payment needs, from preparation to payment.

📍 Address: 2030 S Douglas Rd Miami, FL 33134

Phone Number: (305) 686-0535

🌐 Website:

Gill Tax Group

gill tax group

Gill Tax Group maintains a philosophy of specialized assistance to ensure that its clients’ tax payments are handled correctly. Whether the issue is on the accounting side or the tax consulting side, Gill Tax Group will find the right solution.

📍 Address: 4225 Executive Square San Diego, CA 92037

Phone Number: (619) 981-9401

🌐 Website:

Robert Ricco, CPA

robert ricco

This is a firm that is responsible for helping individuals and small businesses with their pending tax processes. This is thanks to a specialized service that strategically plans the payment of each of the given tax rates.

📍 Address: 312 Arizona Ave Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone Number: (424) 653-3880

🌐 Website:

How many tax advisors are there in the United States?

Giving a clear figure regarding the number of tax advisors there are in the United States could be really complicated. This is because advisors often have different positions in different companies regarding tax issues. It is, therefore, that many do not fulfill a role as such but rather maintain a combined service.

In the United States, it is estimated that there are about 58,000 tax advisors employed as freelancers. However, this does not mean that they are the only ones in this role in the nation. Given that there are an estimated 1,424,000 accountants and auditors employed in the United States.

Likewise, there are many related to tax work that function as part of firms or individuals in service related to client treaty work. It is, therefore, that there are many professional learning modules to launch into the field of tax consultancy. Thus, the exact figures of how many workers there are in this field are expansive.

How much does a tax advisor cost in the United States?

The cost of a tax advisor in the United States can vary greatly depending on the particular points they consider for their services. Although generally, this will be for hours of consultations, which have an estimated price between $40 and $50. However, they could vary a lot depending on the complexity of the services and even the experience of the advisor.

Another point to consider is the fact that many advisors charge according to the number of tax invoices to be reviewed. Thus, they will take each one of these invoices and evaluate them as the case may be to give a punctual solution. Thus, the cost as such may vary according to the economic needs you have.

In the same way, a tax advisor will usually impose their fees according to the experience they have and the scope of the work. Thus, they will be on a flat fee for the preparation of a tax return or an hourly rate if the advice required should be somewhat additional, which indicates that on average a tax advisory session is estimated to cost between $100 and $500.

Who can give tax advice in the United States?

Tax advice in the United States must be provided by professionals who are certified public accountants, i.e., CPAs. In addition to tax advisors, as long as they are registered with the IRS, as is the case with tax attorneys and other tax experts.

So when working with someone who will take your tax data to advise you, it is vital to make sure they have the documents that validate them as such. This will ensure the reputation of these experts and the quality of their service, assuming they have received the proper education.

However, this does not detract from the fact that it is of high importance to always verify the experience, credentials, and reputation of any advisor. Thus ensuring that their services are of quality and we are not putting our fiscal future in the hands of an unqualified person.

What is the difference between a tax advisor and an accountant?

Although both a tax advisor and an accountant are personalities in charge of supporting you with the payment of tax rates, they do not have the same job function. While a tax advisor focuses on tax legislation and advises on this matter, the accountant focuses on the particular economic situation. The main difference is that one gives generalized solutions, while the other deals directly with your economy.

On the other hand, the advisor will focus on the fulfillment of tax functions to avoid fines and other consequences. On the other hand, the accountant will deal directly with your economic situation, making analyses that allow the balance for the payment of taxes, although the latter will depend on whether the accountant has fiscal knowledge or not.

Thus, the ideal scenario is that there exists a balance between both professionals, who can work together to ensure that tax obligations are met. Thus maximizing the tax benefits that can be taken as long as the fees established by the governmental entities are paid on time.

How do I know if I should use a tax advisor or an accountant?

This is a decision that may depend on several factors, such as the complexity of your personal finances, the time you have, and even your tax knowledge. It is advisable to get a tax advisor if and when you need help with strategic tax planning issues, while on the other hand, an accountant is recommended for more operational issues, i.e., necessary tax payments.

It is in such a case that depending on the occasion, if there is a significant tax problem, either personal or regarding the company, it is advisable to work with a team of both professionals. They will undoubtedly be able to work together to find a solution to the tax problems in which you find yourself.

However, the choice may depend on the particular financial situation in which you find yourself, along with the specific needs of both you and your business—taking the time to research and select the right professional who has the experience and certification necessary to deal with the situation.