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The work of a tax lawyer is specialized in tax law, being able to help people and companies that are in a crisis with the complete tax code. Thus, as it is such a changing world, it is highly recommended that you always have a reliable tax lawyer accessible to help you with any inconvenience.

Being a service directly dependent on tax problems and client representation, the tasks that a tax lawyer can perform will be directly related to the needs of the user who hires their services. Thus, finding a tax attorney prepared to take on your case could be a truly complicated mission depending on the case itself.

Tax Attorneys nearest me in New York

In New York, there is a wide variety of tax lawyers who can help you with whatever you need. One of the best features is that they have more than ten years of experience, so we choose for you the best ones.

Tax Attorney near me in Chicago

As for the city of Chicago, you can also find very good professionals with more than 5 to 10 years of experience and ready to assist you 24 hours a day.

Other tax lawyers who can help you

A common mistake when looking for a tax attorney is to think that anyone can take on a tax case when this is not true at all. A tax attorney specializes in tax law and will navigate the legal issues involved in paying taxes. Thus, they must be familiar with laws, regulations, and policies at various levels, such as federal, state, and municipal, leeping up to date at all times to meet your client’s standards.

Cassady Law Offices

cassadyThis family-run law firm has been providing legal understanding to its clients and helping with lawsuit trouble since 2002. Among their services, they present support with tax services and all kinds of financial planning during their cases. This is what makes them an excellent option to consider.

📍 Address: 10799 W Twain Ave Las Vegas, NV 89135

Phone Number: (702) 706-1083

🌐 Website:

Wildes at Law

wildes at law

Although they have only been offering their services since 2021, Wildes At Law features a tax team that includes CPAs, attorneys, and specialists. They offer all kinds of tax advice to their clients, who will not have to wait long for a solution.

📍 Address: 1915 Highway 36 W Roseville, MN 55113

Phone Number: (866) 963-8223

🌐 Website:

Nate Strand

nate strand

Nate Strand is considered one of the top tax attorneys and consultants in the eastern United States. With services ranging from tax preparation to litigation defense, Nate’s policy is never to leave his clients stranded.

📍 Address: 399 E 78th St New York, NY 10075

Phone Number: (646) 737-4639

🌐 Website:

Bomar Law Firm

bomar law firm

Bomar Law Firm has been providing legal defense services for its clients since 2007, including tax law defense. This company seeks to listen to the doubts of its clients and give them a legal solution to all these inconveniences.

📍 Address: 100 Galleria Pkwy SE Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone Number: (404) 841-6561

🌐 Website:

Alpha Tax Resolution

alpha tax resolution

Alpha Tax Resolution is a business entity specializing in providing help with all types of tax-related problems. They come up with creative solutions in order to answer the client’s uncertainties regarding the payment of their taxes.

📍 Address: 3100 West Ray Rd Chandler, AZ 85226

Phone Number: (602) 887-8933

🌐 Website:

Esquire Tax Solutions


With more than a decade in the business, Esquire Tax Solutions is a law group in charge of helping you with the most significant problems related to paying taxes. They put together a team that will deal with your issues and get you on the right track with your tax problems.

📍 Address: 31 W 34th St Fl 7 New York, NY 10001

Phone Number: (212) 658-1750

🌐 Website:

The Tax Team

go tax team

The Tax Team is a group of specialists trained to measure up to the struggle with any sort of tax-related cases that arise. They work as a team to facilitate the complicated processes you may be going through.

📍 Address: 4101 SW 73rd Ave Miami, FL 33155

Phone Number: (305) 269-8445

🌐 Website:

How many tax attorneys are there in the United States?

According to statistical studies, there are about 3836 active tax attorneys in the United States in 2023, spread across the nation. However, this is a number that includes only those who are on the public record. That is, it is not counting those who work independently or are part of a large law firm or tax accounting firm.

This could make the figure even higher if we consider that the field of employment for this type of lawyer is wide. The reason is that some may be hands-on, i.e., they will handle cases as such, while others will only be responsible for advising clients. This is usually the case for many of those working in law firms, where, depending on the case, they may be consultants or work directly with the client.

Similarly, it is estimated that in the United States, there are about 1.3 million lawyers, although this does not mean that all of them are related to the tax field. It is therefore difficult to give an exact figure as to how many of these lawyers are actively working in the United States.

What are the common legal issues that tax attorneys handle?

A tax attorney can handle a variety of legal issues related to taxes. Thus providing assistance to individuals or legal entities in any kind of matter related to the payment or non-payment of taxes. Thus, normally, these kinds of lawyers are related to people involved in tax crimes.

On the other hand, they must carry out legal research that seeks to understand tax laws and policies to advise their clients, giving options that make legal matters such as publication, mortgages, income, and payment of taxes more straightforward and favorable processes for the user.

In summary, a tax lawyer will be responsible for the following:

  • Representing clients in tax disputes with the IRS or other tax authorities
  • Providing legal guidance on tax planning and compliance
  • Advising clients on the tax implications of each of their business transactions
  • Representing clients in tax court or other legal proceedings related to these issues
  • Providing legal guidance on international tax matters such as cross-border transactions or foreign investments
  • Assisting in tax audits and other tax-related investigations

However, these items may vary depending on the region and the legal capabilities provided by the state to these types of lawyers.

How much does it cost to hire a tax attorney?

The cost of hiring a tax attorney will vary depending on the complexity of the case you are dealing with. In addition, much will have to do with the financial collection structure that the attorney presents since they may also charge per hour of work. Thus, on average, a tax attorney may charge between $200 and $400 per hour. Although in complex cases it is possible to talk about figures up to $550.

However, this will depend a lot on the lawyer themselves and how their payment structure works. Because not all of them usually handle themselves in the same way and even establish a percentage of taxes for the fulfillment of their services. Giving an initial cost for consultations and costs for carrying out the charges as such.

The cost for an initial consultation with a lawyer can range from $100 to $500 depending on the lawyer and the city in which you are located. Therefore, on average, handling an individual case could run between $3500 and $5000 depending on how complicated the situation is. It also depends on how long the case can drag on in court.

How do I choose a good tax attorney?

Deciding a reasonable tax attorney can be a turning point in your financial life, so this process will require a lot of care and consideration of different factors. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to get an ideal tax attorney is, by recommendation, to go to one who has already dealt with a case for a family member or friend.

This is not to imply that this will be an absolute answer, but rather it is so you will already have different factors about the lawyer to consider. Such as:

  • The lawyer’s credentials
  • The experience they have in handling tax cases similar to the one you are currently experiencing
  • Relevant proceedings they have been part of
  • Whether they are a good communicator capable of making you understand the situation and everything related to it
  • Knowledge regarding government regulations and IRS legal processes and updates
  • Experience and capability of taking on such work, following testimonials from past clients

In summary, selecting a tax lawyer is not at all simple. We will have to be careful about whom we deal with since our economic future will depend on it, being a direct participant in the resolution that you may have regarding the government demands that you are facing.