These are the Websites that accept carrier billing

Customers can pay for service via mobile payment with the Carrier billing method, also known as direct Carrier billing. This means the bill payment will be charged through the customer’s phone via text messaging. It is convenient and easy to use.

This payment option started to be used for digital purchases. However, it has also been implemented for third-party payments. As it is still considered a new method, it is normal that some portals have not integrated it yet. However, many already have it active.

What can you buy with carrier billing?

The carrier billing payment system was created to buy digital media products or charge the purchase cost to a mobile bill with a partner company. Among the products available for purchase via Carrier Billing are mobile or computer applications, digital media such as games, digital music, and audiovisual content.

The maximum amount is up to $300 per mobile account or with a billing cycle. You can vary in the content that you purchase. In addition, some digital services can be purchased if they are part of merchants participating in this payment system.

Who accepts direct carrier billing?

As mentioned above, some merchants have integrated this payment service, offering digital services that can be purchased through Carrier billing. Not all digital merchants accept it, but a good number are active.

Facebook Games Marketplace

Facebook Games Marketplace is a digital marketplace of the company Meta, offering games to be played, bought, or sold. You can enter Facebook Games Marketplace to play online or buy a game. Additionally, if you have game software, you can sell it in this digital marketplace.

If you want to buy a game from this Meta digital marketplace, it allows you to buy it through the Carrier billing system.

Microsoft Marketplace

This page is the official store of the Windows company, which means that the catalog for Xbox, Windows Store, and Microsoft 365 is included. Microsoft’s applications and services are purchased on this platform. It is also known as Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

This Microsoft online store currently offers approximately 3800 products in its catalog, divided into seven categories according to the associated product. This means that you can buy about 3800 digital services through Carrier billing.


The Spotify service specializes in the live-streaming of audio material. Initially, it started as a music repertoire. However, today, it has stations, podcast programs, playlists according to all tastes, and many more catalogs.

Spotify has the option of free use. However, this means that the user will be limited in using the platform and must listen to all the commercials that appear. This means you can listen to something and be interrupted by a series of ads.

If you choose to buy Spotify Premium, all these inconveniences will disappear, and wouldn’t you know? You can do it from your Carrier billing without any problem!

YouTube TV

YouTube is a Platform associated with and belonging to Google, the largest search platform that has become the mother network of many by-products to its name. YouTube TV is a real-time playback service. It offers different types of channels, series, and other entertainment.

While the YouTube page is free, YouTube TV requires membership for all its exclusive content. Among the payment methods to pay for this service, there is Carrier billing, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Mobile Giving Foundation

This company connects the customer and mobile companies that want to raise money or make donations through mobile telephony. Its main objective is to facilitate fundraising digitally. It is typically used at an event so participants can donate to a foundation or for a cause from their phones.

Additionally, it keeps you updated on how campaigns are going and alert you of future fundraisers if you are interested. All this using Carrier billing. The carriers partnering with the Mobile Giving Foundation are Verizon Wireless, At&T Mobility, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, and US Cellular.

How does Carrier billing work?

All those digital services that have this payment system active will appear in the list of payment methods.

When you finish making the purchase, you will be directed to the payment screen, where you should look for the “Carrier billing” option. Once clicked, you will be asked to follow a series of instructions. The first is to enter the phone number associated with the Carrier billing.

In addition to the number, the website or the platform will request the account holder’s zip code to generate the purchase invoice. Once the data is entered, a verification code will be sent via text messaging to verify that it is the same data.

You will then be asked to review the invoice and confirm the purchase. When everything has been verified, the system will send you a text message or email with the transaction summary.

Where does the money come from?

This service does not need to be linked to any account to make transactions; rather, it works as a kind of credit card. What do we mean by that? Remember that this system is linked to your cell phone. It will function as a kind of account.

The money will be charged to your monthly phone number bill, which means it has a postpaid system. As with credit cards, the credit is spent first, but you must replenish it monthly.

This is the same way this service works; every transaction made will be paid together with the monthly phone bill.