What happens if I Mail my Tax Return Twice?

The IRS has a strategic process that seeks to receive and process tax returns effectively and avoid inconveniences. However, we are not exempt from making mistakes when filing a tax return, and the question arises: what happens if I mail my tax return twice? It can be a very common situation.

As a security measure to avoid this type of error, the IRS uses our Social Security number to verify the authenticity of our return. But, if we file a tax return twice, the IRS will take steps to avoid possible tax fraud or identity theft.

Rejecting a Tax Return for filing twice

If we do the process electronically, the rejection will be much faster, especially because we will do it through the system. The IRS will flag the number in these cases to prevent filing more return applications.

In these cases, if you try to do the tax return process twice, the system will throw an error code and an explanation. The error is normally presented with the code 0515 or IND-515, informing us that we have already made a tax return request with our Social Security number.

However, if we do the process via email, it will take longer to process, and the IRS will reject the second form. The IRS reviews the first return, and once they receive the second application, they will reject it when entering it into the system.

For this reason, the best thing to do in case we make mistakes is to wait for a response from the IRS before making a double request.

What should we do if we submit our application twice?

If we receive a rejection when processing through the system, we should verify that the information entered is correct. It may be due to an error in the Social Security number we entered, which is the reason for the rejection.

However, if we entered the information correctly in the system and we are sure that we have not made the tax return request, we will have to contact the IRS. It can be done Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at (800) 908-4490.

If we mail the application twice, we will also need to notify the IRS as soon as possible of the situation. We will report that this is an error and had duplicated the application.

What to do if someone has used our Social Security number?

When we do not file a tax return, but our social security number still appears in the IRS system, it could be because someone has used it. In these cases, we will be victims of identity theft.

To resolve the situation, we must complete Form 14039 and mail it along with our income tax return. In these cases, we will have to send a document that proves our identity, such as a copy of our passport, a copy of our Social Security card, or a copy of our driver’s license.

How long does it take for the IRS to respond to an identity theft case?

The IRS has a large group of people working on identity theft cases, and they will investigate the situation. Normally, it will take the application approximately 180 days.

When they finish the review, we will receive a letter or a phone call from someone from the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit. They will explain the process to us. We will receive a personal identification number or PIN to prevent future fraud.

In the future, when we go to file our application electronically, we will be asked for this number. It will ensure that only we can make a claim under our Social Security number and will help the IRS not have any delays when processing our return and making the refund.

Can I file two tax returns in a year?

We will not be able to make two tax returns in the same year, as the IRS prohibits this. If we file twice, either by mail or electronically, we will not have to panic because they will reject the second form immediately.

If we have to make any corrections in our taxes, we will have to fill out the 1040-X form to solve the inconvenience.

How can we protect ourselves against fraud?

We can take different measures to avoid being victims of identity theft and having taxes returned in our name. First, it is not advisable to carry your Social Security card or other documents that contain your Social Security number to prevent someone from knowing it.

We can also check our credit report at least once a year on the Federal Trade Commission’s website. If we give out our social security number, we should do so only on official documents from verified sources.

On the other hand, we will have to protect our computer by installing antivirus, antispyware software, and firewalls. We should also apply all security patches for the system to avoid security breaches that cybercriminals can exploit.

It is advisable to change our Internet passwords regularly to avoid any inconvenience. If we avoid identity theft and do not send double tax returns, we will not have any delays in filing our claims with the IRS.