How to pay taxes according to UW Madison?

If you received a grant, allowance, or stipend, worked in the U.S., or even had no earnings, you must file a tax return. As an international student at UW Madison, you must comply with the tax law.

It is important to understand that when you have no income, you are still legally obligated to comply with Form 8843. We invite you not to forget your responsibilities and rely on the experts to adhere to the law properly.

Remember that the declaration is some kind of help to the government which can benefit you because it is used for public improvements.

Steps to paying your taxes according to UW Madison

One of the benefits of the University of Wisconsin is the Glacier Tax Prep software offered to its international students to prepare their returns more thoroughly. It’s a guide to avoid mistakes.

If you are an international student with no income for the entire year, you only need to file Form 8843. If you have earned income from a job within the university, you will be asked for other documents. The requested records are form 8843, federal form 1040NR, and state form 1NPR.

It’s time to prepare the form!

In general, on the form, you should put your first name, your last name, and your social security number or ITIN (if you do not have the number, leave the space blank). If you submit the form without taxes, don’t forget to include your home and U.S. addresses.

As an international student, you will also be asked to enter the type of visa you used to enter the country and the entry date. If there is no change, put the status and the phrase “No change.”

Add the country where you obtained your passport, your passport number, and the number of days you have been in the U.S.

What is Glacier Tax Prep, and how to use the platform?

As we mentioned in the beginning, UW Madison offers you the Glacier Tax Prep platform to prepare your tax return. As a non-federal resident alien of the U.S., you will need help, and this software is perfect for you.

The system will determine your residential tax situation to give you an idea of the appropriate tax filing status. The agency will establish a free version of the software for the UW Madison on March 1, 2022.

It is relevant to clarify that returns prepared with GTP must be printed, signed, and sent directly to the Internal Revenue Service before the established deadline.

If you have questions about the process, you will not have to worry too much because the system will provide you with all the information. Everything is detailed on the website for complete understanding.

Likewise, download the official IRS website if you do not wish to prepare your tax return.

Tax payment deadline in 2022

The day set by the IRS was April 18, 2022; on that day, every citizen was required to file their federal and state tax returns. It is important to note that if you only file Form 8843, you will have an extension until June 15, 2022.

Although not everyone worries about filing their return on time, you should do the opposite. Make sure you know your due dates and do the process properly.

That way, you will avoid any inconveniences resulting in criminal charges. Furthermore, it never hurts to get help from experts or go to the software provided by the university for all its students. Not everyone has the opportunity to have free service. In this case, please don’t waste it. Focus on preparing a good declaration, and you will be free from any criminal charges.