Tax Extension California • Learn all about it!

Due to a technical failure, California residents will enjoy an extra day to make their 2022 income tax payments. Due to a problem with the online platform, many users could not send their payments on time.

Because of the Web Pay application outage, the due date was extended to April 19, 2022 . Payments sent on April 18 at 11:59 p.m. will be sent on time.

Request your extension to pay your tax in California

According to the IRS, you can request an extension to pay your taxes until October 17 using form 4868. To fill out the form is as simple as accessing the IRS digital platform to download and complete it.

After filling out all the pertinent information, you must mail it making sure it is postmarked by Monday. You can also get a file extension when you pay part or all of the income tax.

But you must indicate that the payment is for an extension; that way, you do not need to file the extension form separately, and you will still have a confirmation number to add to your records. The payment options for this are:

  • The electronic federal tax payment system: this is a three-piece identification system where you can schedule, pay and keep constant track of the status of your payments
  • Direct payment: you will pay the amount from your checking or savings account but without any additional fees
  • Debit card, credit card, or digital wallet: consists of a payment processor that takes care of collecting the transaction fee

California Income Tax Filing Deadlines for 2022

Some of the deadlines mentioned here are the same as those for 2021, which remain in effect for several years. Until April 19, 2022, you can file your 2021 income tax return and request an extension for many.

For the California income tax extension for the tax year 2022, the deadline is October 17, 2022; you can only file electronically to make the process faster and more efficient.

If you send the form by mail, the deadline is still October 17, 2022. You must include the corresponding mailing address as indicated on the IRS website. On the other hand, the deadline for claiming the refund of the 2021 California income tax return is April 18, 2025.

Where are the FTB 3537, FTB 3539, and FTB 3538 payment forms sent?

When you need to request a payment form for California income taxes, you must get it to the offices to avoid any legal inconvenience for not making the payment on time.

The CT – 5 forms and the rest must be sent to the Franchise Tax Board PO BOX 942857 Sacramento CA 94257 – 0531. Before sending the documents, you must ensure that you have added the zip code and other appropriate information.

The risks of loss are greater when you send documents by mail, and when it is tax-related, you must ensure it arrives in good condition and on time to avoid penalties or legal problems with the IRS.