Utah Corporations Commission

To be part of the Utah commissions, you must follow some basic steps, where you need to designate a registered agent, choose the name of your business and file the articles of incorporation with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code.

Applications can be made online, by mail, fax, or at a nearby office. Furthermore, remember that the applications have a cost of $70.

Steps to be part of the Utah commissions

Becoming a Utah corporation is a simple procedure when you consider all the important points and follow the steps to make sure that no document is left out.

It would be helpful to have a registered agent in Utah

To begin with, you need a registered agent, an entity or person who accepts service of process or tax documents on behalf of the corporation or your LLC. When you file your Utah Articles of Incorporation, you will be asked for the registered agent’s name.

An agent of record must meet certain basic requirements such as being over 18 years of age, having a tax address in the state where you will be doing business, and always being available during business hours.

Find the best name for your Utah commission

Before making the name choice, you must know the requirements imposed by Utah for the name to be accepted:

  • Somewhere in character must be the word “company,” “corporation,” or “incorporated.” The abbreviation of the above terms could also be used
  • It cannot have words that create confusion and make it appear that you are a government agency, e.g., “FBI, State Department, Treasury”
  • The name cannot signal that the corporation has purposes apart from those described in your articles of organization
  • You must apply for name approval to apply certain restricted words in your name
  • It would help if you had a name that is unrelated to any existing terms in the state, including Utah’s reserved names

To determine the availability of the name, all you need to do is access the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code’s online database of trade names. It is an efficient tool for registering a fictitious name or DBA for your business.

When you are sure of the name and confirm that it is available, it is time to reserve the name while officially forming the corporation; it will remain in this status for a maximum of 120 days from the time you file the business name reservation application with the Utah Department of Commerce.

If you prefer to make the name reservation filing by mail, you must pay a $22 fee. Make sure to verify that the name is available as a web domain.

Choosing the initial directors of your Utah commission

For the supervision of the corporation, you must appoint a director, who will be in charge until the first shareholders’ meeting is held. The director’s task will be to be attentive to the adoption, amendment, and repeal of the bylaws.

In addition, they will be appointed for the supervision, election, and removal of officers. They also must make the “declaration of incorporation,” where the complete names and addresses will handle each direct, and all the information must be in the corporate record book.

Filing the Articles of Incorporation

You must file the Articles of Incorporation form with the Utah Department of Commerce to make the commission official. Here you will find outlined some basic aspects of the corporation needed to obtain your public record:

  • The corporate name, statement of purpose, and principal address
  • Name and street address of the corporate agent
  • Name and address of the incorporation
  • Number and type of authorized actions you may take with the corporation
  • Names and addresses of directors and corporate officers

You must pay the $70 filing fee to carry out this work. You may mail the articles to the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code P.O Box 146705 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 – 6705.

You may drop it off at the Heber M. Wells Building 160 E 300 St, 1st floor Salt Lake City Utah 84111. Or send it by Fax to 801 – 530 – 6438.

Now you can get an EIN

To start with your purposes, open a business bank account, comply with federal and state taxes and hire personnel, you need the Employer Identification Number (EIN).

After setting up your commission or company, you can do this step online through the IRS website. You require all the company’s documentation in order and ensure to add the data and numbers in the corresponding order.