Volusia County Business Tax • Everything you need to know!

Volusia County is located in the State of Florida, and, like the rest, it is subject to different business taxes on commercial activities. It is essential to know all the percentages before starting your business.

Florida is recognized as the state with the lowest taxes. Consequently, its counties are an excellent alternative for investors.

What is the business tax in Volusia County?

All the physical companies that reside in the county of Volusia must pay commercial taxes and file the receipt of payment as support in case of any inconvenience.

The Florida state tax is 6.00%; in Volusia, 0.500% is added. Consequently, the payment for the commercial tax is 6.500%. Of all the counties in the state, the tax in Volusia is the lowest.

Almost all products for sale are subject to this tax, whether clothing, electronics, furniture, or cleaning products. However, there are some exemptions for certain food items and medicines.

You should also know that some services must adjust to this tax, such as rental services, private detectives, and amusement parks located in the area. Property taxes also vary from county to county.

In Volusia, the average property tax payment is $1,541; the average effective property tax rate is 0.79%, still one of the lowest in the state.

Remember to apply for a business tax receipt in Volusia

As a company or business in Volusia, you must have a business tax receipt. The only way you don’t need one is if you are part of the exempt companies according to Section 114 – 1 (B) found in the Volusia County Code of Ordinances Tax List.

Each year you must renew your business tax receipts, the tax processing companies will collect these, and the rates change depending on your payment method.

When your tax payment is made by credit card, the fee is 2.6% with a minimum of $1.95, and when payment is made by electronic check, the price will remain at $1.50. After making your business tax payment, you must remember to print the receipt.

The simplest way to make these payments is through the online page; on the same tab where the price is completed, you can press “print,” and you will get your receipt to add to your records.

Volusia County has the lowest business taxes

Many Florida businesses have moved their facilities to Volusia County because they have lower taxes than the rest. The benefit is that they can pay state-only taxes without additional surcharges from their home county.