What is Form 3522? • Filing Form

Form 3522 is used by LLCs in California to make a business annual tax payment of $800. Each company qualified as LLC must pay the amount of this tax to remain current.

The four months to pay the corresponding fee begins to run from the time that a new LLC is formed in California. Acquiring Form 3522 is as simple as applying to the California Franchise Tax Board for all LLCs.

Everything you need to know about form 3522

As we mentioned before, the filing of this form is compulsory for all California LLCs; in addition to complying with the annual tax of $800, businesses must file Form 568 if they collected $250,000 or more during the year.

Now, in California, Form 3522 is required in different situations; for example when the Secretary of State accepts the LLC’s articles of organization, when the Secretary of State issues the certificate of registration to the company or when the company does any business in the state.

On the other hand, the fees related to the operation of a limited liability company can be found and calculated on the FTB Form 3536. Remember that with Form 3522, you cannot do this because it offers a flat fee.

Furthermore, the forms you require for your LLC and the information you need to specify will change according to the attributes you have in your company. In California, LLCs are divided into three categories according to their tax status:

  • You find LLC partnerships that have more than a single member, and in a business partnership in California, members can keep their income separate from income, limited liability companies, credits and deductions
  • Single-member LLCs are known as a “disregarded entities” under this classification, with a sole proprietorship, and you cannot separate your income from corporation payments. 
  • Limited liability companies are considered to be corporations under the law

Knowing what category your LLC falls into before filing and filling out your Form 3522 is very important. That information is relevant to your payments and the data you will put on the document.

Likewise, before you start filling it out, you must know how to do it correctly and, if you have any doubts, ask for help from an agent specializing in tax payments.

How to fill out form 3522?

When you are filling out your 3522 form, you must add basic information about your company, such as the fiscal year, database administrator, LLC name, contact number, EIN, address, SOS file number and payment amount.

Read each line carefully to ensure you put the information as stated; remember that you cannot make mistakes, especially when putting in the totals.

Filing Form 3522

You can make a money order or check payable to Franchise Tax Board, add your SOS file number and write your employer identification number by adding 2022 FTB 3522 on the payment form to complete the procedure.

The voucher must be detached from the bottom of the page and cannot be stapled with the payment. Place both separately inside the envelope and mail it to Franchise Tax Board PO Box 942857 Sacramento, CA 94257 – 0531.

You can also make the payment online, although if you have no income due, you do not require Form 3522. You can also pay online by credit card.