Free Promissory Note Template New York【PDF】

In the financial world, several legal tools facilitate transactions and guarantee the security of the agreements for the parties. One of these instruments is the promissory note, a contract establishing the obligation to pay a certain amount on a specific date.

By signing a promissory note, the “beneficiary” agrees to return a certain amount of money on the date agreed upon in the document. This paper must also bear the signature of the “drawee or “lender”, who issues the promissory note and agrees to pay the stipulated amount.

What are the types of promissory notes in New York?

Promissory notes in New York can be differentiated by their security. On the one hand, there is the secured promissory note, in which a section is agreed upon in writing in which all the details of the promissory note’s security are set forth.

If the borrower defaults and is unable to make full payment, the borrower’s property will be used as collateral. It will be delivered to the lender to cover the amount of the promissory note and the related interest that remains unpaid.

download Free Promissory Note Template New York

On the other hand, there is the unsecured promissory note, i.e., an “informal” type of promissory note, which is generally used between friends or family members. This model implies less security for the lender since it does not have the guarantee that the borrower will pay everything he owes. This promissory note does not provide the lender with a repayment solution.

What is the promissory note used for?

The New York promissory note template has a non-conditional format. Still, it is required to have the elements and signatures of both parties. This document provides legal certainty, especially to the lender, and provides the terms and conditions of the promissory note.

Depending on the applicant’s needs, this paper can be used in various financial and commercial fields, as the document can have several applications. In terms of business financing, companies can use the New York promissory note to obtain funds from other financial institutions or investors. The promissory note plays a significant role between both parties, acting as proof of debt. The applicant company will be able to obtain the necessary funds for its growth and, later and with the profits, pay the promissory note.

The promissory note is also used in international trade to facilitate the payment of services and goods between importing and exporting companies since the document assures that the money borrowed will be returned on a specific date. On the other hand, there is the agreement between individuals, which is used to make payments between two people or companies. The loyal obligations are expressed in writing, as well as the terms and conditions and the corresponding guarantee (in case there is one).

What information should a promissory note New York form have?

The promissory note New York form follows a format and rules established by the laws of the State of New York. It must be written clearly and concisely, specifying every agreement detail in this formal document.

It is important to note that the promissory note New York establishes an unconditional “promise” to pay. This means the beneficiary can receive payment without complying with any additional obligations beyond those expressed in the document.

Free Promissory Note Template New York

However, the format may vary as long as it has the following information and characteristics:

  • Names and surnames: The promissory note must contain the full names and surnames of the two parties signing the contract.
  • Date: The day of payment must be indicated to establish the fixed term of maturity of the promissory note in New York.
  • Final amount: The promissory note template in New York must contain the money borrowed. To avoid ambiguity or future confusion, the ideal is to put the amount in numbers and, in parentheses, the amount expressed in words.
  • Expiration date and place of payment: The promissory note should indicate the maturity date and the place where the amount is to be made. These specifications ensure certainty as to the due date and facilitate the collection process.
  • Signature: The payee and the drawee must sign the promissory note New York template to verify that it is a legal agreement.

How to Create a New York Promissory Note: Step by Step

If you need to draft a promissory note in New York, it is recommended to contact a lawyer or legal expert to make sure that the document contains all the necessary information and requirements for the promissory note to be legal. You can also draft your own promissory note following a recommended structure.


You should include the term “promissory note” in this section as the document’s title. You will also need to specify both parties’ full names and contact details.

Promissory note statement

In this section, you should include a clear and explicit statement in which the subscriber formally commits to pay the beneficiary a certain sum of money on an agreed date.

Terms and conditions

Here you can divide the section into sections if you prefer. This part should include the due date of the promissory note, i.e., the date by which the subscriber must make full payment.

In addition, you can include the physical place where the payment will be made, either in person or by a digital transaction, such as a wire transfer. In another section, you can specify the interest corresponding to the payment and how the final amount will be calculated (fixed rate, variable rate, etc.).

If you wish to add more information, you can do so in additional clauses, such as prepayment options, guarantee, penalties for late payments, or any other details you think are essential.

Signature and date

In this final section, you should include the date on which the promissory note was executed and the signatures of the subscriber and the beneficiary. These signatures must be legible and clear.

IMPORTANT: This is only a reference guide. If you think it is necessary, contact a financial advisor.



Is it mandatory to notarize a Promissory Note in New York?

No. It is not necessary to have a notary sign the Promissory Note. The document must be signed, dated, and notarized by the issuer and the beneficiary.

When does a Promissory Note mature in New York?

The Promissory Note in New York is valid for a maximum of 6 years as a contract.

What happens if I do not pay a Promissory Note in NY?

If the 6-year term has passed and the Promissory Note has still not been paid, the beneficiary has the right to take the assets that the issuer provided as collateral on the note.