How to make a Printable Baseball Template【Download Free PDF】

Suppose you like to play Baseball and need to learn how to write down the score of each team and player and all the details about what happens on the field. In that case, the best option is to download our free printable baseball template. You can print your templates to keep the game organized and without cheating.

What is a baseball template for?

Baseball score sheets are used to record what happened during the game. You can print baseball templates and write your team’s details on one side of the sheet and, on the other, write down the opposing team’s points. This template is generally used on both sides of the same sheet (although, if you prefer, you can do it on two different sheets).

What should a baseball template include?

There are different examples of notations for points, plays, fouls, etc. The main thing is to write the date and the place where the game takes place. Then add the information for the tournament, i.e., which league it is, the dates the team will play against other teams (add their names), list of suspensions, and game number, among others.

Below you can enter the time the game would start, the time it started, and the time it ended, as well as how long the game lasted. Below you can put the name of the Umpires and the Official Scorer, who must sign this paper.

Write the starting lineup from the first to the ninth batter and pitcher in another section. Below, leave a space to write the scoring symbols, the innings and extra innings that may occur, the performance at bat or the bases of each player, and the description of each base. In this space, you can also write down the changes and modifications made during the game.

Write all the same information (or what you can) about the opponent in a different color than the home team. It also leaves a space to write down each player’s performance at each moment of the game and, in general, with times at bat, runs batted in, runs scored, and hits connected. At the bottom of the sheet, write the final score for each group.

Where to download Free Baseball Templates?

Although many physical stores sell these notation templates, just as they do in the stadiums, you can download them directly from our website at the link below, with several examples of baseball templates for choosing the one you like best.

You can modify the features as you wish because, although the information is always the same, you may find it easier to read by implementing new methods and ways of organizing the information.

What are the baseball abbreviations?

Use abbreviations to have a better and more orderly record of every movement on the field. In a space, place an acronym of the base reached in the play (groundout, strikeout, single, double, triple, etc.). Also, set the numbering of each hit, outs, inning, and more.

Abbreviation of positions

  1. Pitcher.
  2. Catcher.
  3. First Baseman.
  4. Second Baseman.
  5. Third Baseman.
  6. Shortstop.
  7. Left Fielder.
  8. Center Fielder.
  9. Right Fielder.

Abbreviation for the Defense

  • A: Assist
  • CS%: Caught Stealing Percentage
  • DP: Double Play ()
  • E: Error
  • FPCT: Fielding Percentage
  • INN: Innings Played
  • O: Out
  • OFA: Outfield Assist
  • PB: Passed Ball
  • PO: Putout
  • TC: Total Chances
  • TP: Triple Play

Abbreviations of the Offense

  • 1B: Single
  • 2B: Double
  • 3B: Triple
  • AB: At-bat
  • AVG: Batting Average
  • BB: Walk
  • CS: Caught Stealing
  • G: Games Played
  • GIDP: Ground Into Double Play
  • GO/AO: Groundout-to-Airout Ratio
  • GSH: Grand Slam
  • H: Hit
  • HBP: Hit-by-pitch
  • HR: Home Run
  • IBB: Intentional Walk
  • LOB: Left On Base
  • OBP: On-base Percentage
  • OPS: On-base Plus Slugging
  • PA: Plate Appearance
  • R: Run
  • RBI: Runs Batted In
  • ROE: Reached On Error
  • SB%: Stolen-base Percentage
  • SB: Stolen Base
  • SF: Sacrifice Fly
  • SH: Sacrifice Bunt
  • SLG: Slugging Percentage
  • TB: Total Bases
  • WO: Walk-off
  • XBH: Extra-base Hit

Abbreviations for the Pitcher

  • App: Appearance
  • BF: Batters Faced
  • BK: Balk
  • BS: Blown Save
  • CG: Complete Game
  • ER: Earned Run
  • ERA: Earned Run Average
  • FO: Flyout
  • GF: Games Finished
  • GO: Groundout
  • GS: Games Started
  • HLD: Hold
  • IP: Innings Pitched
  • IR: Inherited Runner
  • L: Loss
  • NP: Number of Pitches
  • PK: Pickoff
  • QS: Quality Start
  • RW: Relief Win
  • SHO: Shutout
  • SO, K: Strikeout
  • SV%: Save Percentage
  • SV: Save
  • SVO: Save Opportunity
  • UER: Unearned Run
  • W: Win (W)
  • WHIP: Walks And Hits Per Inning Pitched
  • WP: Wild Pitch
  • WPCT: Winning Percentage