Does Walmart take Apple Pay?

Among users, digital wallets such as Apple Pay are increasingly becoming a preferred payment option. So it’s understandable that if you use Apple Pay, you might wonder where to pay with this method.

Likewise, Walmart’s retail grocery store franchise is one of the most popular options for buying something. So one thing leads to another and leads us to ask, would it be possible to pay at Walmart with Apple Pay?

Does Walmart take Apple Pay?

As much as Apple Pay is becoming more and more accepted across the country, as of today, Walmart still does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method among its options. Sadly, this doesn’t look like it will change, as they have not announced accepting this digital wallet as a payment method.

This is due to Walmart’s rejection of NFC technology in digital wallets, which Apple Pay uses to make payments. This makes it impossible for iPhone users to pay with this service.

Why doesn’t Walmart accept Apple Pay?

In addition to the rejection above of NFC technologies, Walmart also focuses its rejection of Apple Pay on promoting its online payment service. Walmart Pay is an option of the house that leaves royalties to the company. Therefore, they prefer to be paid using this app as a payment method.

So we can say that for Walmart as a company, it is more profitable for them to use their payment wallet. This is due to the brand awareness generated by this new payment method and added to the economic gains produced for Walmart.

So we will probably never see Walmart accept Apple Pay as a payment method, as it is directly a competition to its payment system. In return, the company offers its users an iPhone to download Walmart Pay as an alternative to shopping at the Walmart of their choice.

Why promoting Walmart Pay is good for Walmart?

The retail company can measure your preferred data with its Walmart Pay system. This data can be used to promote fully customized products to your needs and tastes.

It is clear that today’s world is data-driven, so it is seen as more than an economic, statistical strategy for Walmart not to accept Apple Pay. By keeping its customers in its payment ecosystem, this data will not leave Walmart’s domain.

Something that is not the case if you pay with other digital wallets such as Apple Pay. In the same way, the company “saves” having to give percentages of its sales to Apple for using its digital payment system.

Where can I pay with Apple Pay?

Currently, 85% of U.S. retailers accept the Apple Pay payment app introduced in 2012. So, even if Walmart doesn’t accept it as a payment method, it won’t be that hard to find where it is received.

This is because not all retailers agree with the policy of collecting digital purchase information. So they don’t take the step Walmart did to set up their payment system, but go hand in hand with using Apple Pay.

You will always be able to use Apple Pay in stores with the application’s characteristic symbol at checkout. This is done by using the scanner of the purchase system through NFC technology. A quick solution to make your payments instantly.

Apple Pay, a safer way to pay

By carrying out an automated process from the phone, Apple Pay protects you from credit card cloning or theft. It also prevents a third party from obtaining data about purchases and payments.

So Apple Pay becomes an ideal option if you are looking for speed in processing your payments and, above all, your security because there is nothing better than feeling calm when you are going to make a purchase.

So if anything is clear, Apple Pay and digital wallets are the evolution of physical cards. You are taking a step towards purchasing items in a faster, simpler, and safer way in terms of protecting your data.