How old do u have to work at Walmart?

Walmart offers a very extensive job market between its stores, offices, related companies, and remote work, which means that it is an adequate option if you are looking for a job. In addition, being a Walmart employee has several benefits, making it an attractive employment opportunity.

It is common to start working while still a student, opting for a part-time position. There is likely a position available for you among the many helping hands that Walmart needs. The important question is, what is the minimum age required to apply for a job at Walmart?

Can you work at Walmart at 16?

The minimum age to be employed by Walmart is 16 years old. This is the youngest a person can be when they join the payroll of the U.S. retail store chain. Not all jobs are available at this age, as some require higher education. However, Walmart offers several part-time and hourly jobs ideal for teens who want to work and study simultaneously.

Works that Walmart offers to teens

Many jobs require a professional level, so you must have a college degree to qualify. However, fewer customer service and retail jobs are perfect for young people.


Cashiers at Walmart work collecting payments for customer purchases. In this job, they must offer change if the customer pays by cash as well as receive checks and charge payments. In the case of paying by credit, they must confirm the transaction has been processed by Walmart’s system.

They also record driver’s license numbers and identification in the system to enter the customer into the system along with their method of payment.

In addition to working with the customer, the cashier must balance the cash register. This job must be done at the beginning of the shift and the register must be closed at the end. This is so that the amount of money that has come in during the shift worked is automatically accounted for.

They may help bag customer products if the cashier does not have a cart attendant nearby.

A cashier at Walmart has a starting wage of $11 an hour if you are inexperienced. However, you can negotiate and increase it to $15 an hour.

Cart Attendant

After shopping, Walmart Cart Attendants assist customers with carrying their products to their vehicles. They are also in charge of organizing carts that customers misplace to keep everything in perfect order.

They also check that the aisles are organized to avoid any accidents in the area they monitor. The responsibilities of a cart attendant can be quite varied; they also help put items in bags before they are moved.

A cart attendant’s salary starts at minimum wage and can be as high as $12 per hour.

Janitorial Associate

A janitorial associate at Walmart must ensure the best environment in the store they are responsible for. They must ensure a safe and clean place for the clientele, other workers, and associates. They are responsible for the maintenance of the Walmart store or office.

They are the one who solves any accidents in the aisle where a cart attendant will have exposed them. They clean the aisle floors, shelves, and boxes. In addition, they remove cardboard, plastic, and other waste to respect Walmart’s Environmental Sustainability Program. A janitorial assistant is paid $11 an hour.


The stocker’s job is to keep all the shelves stocked with products daily. They must guard the shelves to ensure all the products are stocked to capacity, and if they run out on the shelf, the stocker is responsible for refilling the shelves.

They must also be aware of the existing stock so that there is never a shortage of products. An inexperienced worker’s salary is $11 an hour. However, it is negotiable if you have previous experience working at Walmart. A shelf stocker’s salary can be as high as $18 per hour.


If you are a greeter, you are responsible for greeting customers as they enter the Walmart store. The starting wage for a greeter is $12 per hour.

Sales associate

A sales associate is responsible for answering customer questions and assisting customers who come to the sales floor. In addition, they are responsible for keeping all products in order and stock before they are replenished on the shelves.

Starting wages for an inexperienced sales agent are $11 per hour. However, this can increase with time and experience.

Can you work at Walmart at 15?

Unfortunately, by order of U.S. federal law, no citizen 15 years of age or younger can exercise the right to work. This means that you cannot apply for a position at Walmart stores.

How Much Experience Do You Need to Work at Walmart?

Before applying for a Walmart job, you may wonder if you need any previous experience or qualifications to be accepted by the discount retailer.

Walmart is a good place to start if you are a beginner, so it is feasible to apply for a job and be accepted. However, if you have experience, it is recommended to say so because you could negotiate your salary for a better one due to your experience in the area.

How to Apply at Walmart

The way to apply for a job is to go directly to the Walmart website. You will find a list of available jobs in different branches that anyone can apply for.