What are Walmart’s air mattress return policies?

Walmart air mattresses may be returned if they meet the requirements of its return policies. To return an air mattress at Walmart, it is necessary to comply with a series of conditions expressed in Walmart’s return policies, which must be met for the multinational company to accept the return of the purchase. Otherwise, the customer will have to return home with the product they had gone to produce.

There are many items to consider when requesting the return of an air mattress (or any other article). For example, suppose the air mattress is not in the same condition in which it was sold when you returned it to Walmart. In that case, they will probably not exchange it for another product or refund your money.

Walmart return policy air mattress

Walmart air mattress return policy

According to Walmart’s return policy, air mattresses can be returned within 90 days of purchase. These policies set the conditions and requirements for customers to replace a store-purchased item. Items must be in the same condition it was purchased, i.e., unused in their original packaging.

Suppose the air mattress has been used after the purchase. In that case, Walmart will not accept a return unless the product is factory defective. In this case, showing proof of purchase invoices is unnecessary, and the customer will not be charged for shipping costs. For example, if a customer wants to return a deficient air mattress, they can do so without shipping costs and will not have to pay for the return shipping.

Requirements for returning an air mattress to Walmart

To return an air mattress at Walmart, the customer must provide the original purchase receipt, product order number, or sales receipt to verify that the item was purchased at a Walmart store. In addition, the air mattress must be brought in person to the Walmart location where the product was purchased to be returned.

If the air mattress was purchased online, the customer can return it in person or mail it to the store. Customers will need to print a shipping label that will be provided to them from the website to return the product by mail. An online return services section is available for those who have purchased online.

As mentioned, there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, if the product has come in bad condition, the customer will not need to prove that they have purchased the item through an invoice or proof of purchase. Nor will the customer have to pay for the shipping and handling of the product for its return since Walmart will take care of it.

How to return an air mattress to Walmart?

To initiate a return of the inflatable mattress at a physical Walmart store, the purchaser must go to the branch where the product was purchased and return it in person to the store where it was purchased.

To return products by mail, you can log into the Walmart website, whether or not you have an account. The return by mail is free of charge for the buyer and is exclusively in control of the multinational company.

With an account at Walmart.com

Without an account at Walmart.com

Items from multiple orders must be processed separately.

Bring the air mattress you want to exchange or return to the Walmart store.

Products from a single order can be processed in one return.

Remember to present the purchase receipt, as this is a necessary piece of paper for the product to be exchanged or returned.
The product and items must be in their original packaging.

The product and items must be in their original packaging.


How to return Air Mattress with Walmart Online Account

  1. Log in to your Walmart purchase history.
  2. Select the air mattress.
  3. Click “Return” and explain the reason for the return (You can click “Replace” if you want to find the same mattress in better condition).
  4. Choose the “Return by Mail” option and go to “Return to Store” to save the return barcode.
  5. Print the return slip to attach to the package.
  6. Keep all items and products in the original box you received, and leave the packaging ready.
  7. Since it is a more oversized product, the Walmart service can pick up the mattress at home.
  8. If you return the mattress in person, you must bring the product and the email you received with the return confirmation to the physical store.
  9. After Walmart has the product, you will receive a refund, or a replacement mattress will be sent if you have indicated it.

Walmart air mattress return policy

Returning the air mattress without a Walmart account

If you don’t have a Walmart web account, don’t worry, you can still return the mattress by logging into the online order tracking system. All you need is your email address and order number.

Then use Walmart’s online return process and choose the option to buy in-store or online. Then, follow the steps outlined during the procedure and, once completed, save the code that was sent to your email. You will need to present the email when you return the product.

What if I don’t have the air mattress purchase receipt?

Suppose you have lost the receipt of the air mattress purchase, or for some reason, you cannot present it to corroborate that you have paid for the item. In that case, you have the possibility of requesting an exchange or return without a receipt if you meet these conditions:

  • Present a valid and current photo ID issued by the local government.
  • Verify that the return has been approved through the refund verification process. In this case, if the return or exchange is justified, Walmart allows you to:
    – Exchange the products.
    – Receive a Walmart gift card for the value of the air mattress as a form of reimbursement.
  • Demonstrate that you purchased the mattress and want to exchange or return it via:
    – The credit or debit card from which the purchase was made.
    – Phone number or email used for the purchase.

What do I need to present to return a Walmart air mattress?

The only thing you need to return or exchange the mattress is its original packaging, with all the accessories. In addition, you will need to present the purchase receipt or any document that certifies that you purchased the air mattress at Walmart.