What are Walmart’s customer service hours for returns?

It is normal to make a mistake when buying several products, like getting the wrong size or not meeting your product expectations. Therefore, the return policy of each store matters. If there is no return policy, there is no customer purchase insurance.

Walmart has a fully open return policy so that every customer can be aware of it in case they need it at any time. In addition, the customer service center works to ensure that this return policy is fully complied with by each Walmart store.

What time does Walmart stop doing returns?

The hours to go to the customer service center of any Walmart store to return or exchange merchandise are from 8 am to 10 pm. Although a Walmart store works 24 hours daily, the return policy does not work the same.

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However, Walmart stores in the United States metropolitan areas work 24 hours. Therefore, customer service works until 10 p.m. However, if a Walmart store does not operate 24 hours a day, customer service will not work until 10 pm.

In that case, at what time does Walmart stop doing returns?

For Walmart stores that do not operate 24 hours, the customer service center works until 7 or 8 pm. There are no specific hours, but it varies between these two times. Therefore, returns at these stores will be made until 8 pm at the latest.

In the morning, customer service begins to operate from 7:00 am, regardless of whether the Walmart store works 24 hours or not.

Can you return the item to any Walmart?

The answer to this question is yes. If you purchase anything at Walmart, through the website or the store’s app, you can return the item to any Walmart store.

If you go to another store other than where you bought the merchandise, there won’t be a problem; it is valid to make your return or exchange the item at any branch. In addition, if you make a return, any store can make a refund.

Are there any exceptions?

The exceptions that limit the return of any Walmart item are all those products that specify before the purchase that they do not have a return or exchange policy. The customer makes their purchase under these conditions and it is their responsibility.

Because of this, it is of utmost importance to check the item with this label before purchasing since it will be impossible to ask for a refund if there has been a mistake.

Another exception is some Walmart Financial Services; when obtaining them, it is explained that these services of payment of services, fees, or invoices are not refundable under any circumstances.

How can I do a return in Walmart?

To make the return process at Walmart, the customer must come to the service center bringing the item to be returned. All you need is the item and the current receipt or invoice. The agent will process the return in the system and refund the money.

The customer service agent will not be authorized to refund the money if you do not have the invoice or payment receipt. They may offer you other alternatives, such as a refund in the form of a credit to be used in the future.

However, this option will only be viable if the customer has the debit or credit card used to purchase so that the agent can track the data that matches the purchase of the item to be refunded.

Do I have a time limit to make a return?

For any return of a Walmart purchase, whether in-store, online or by app, there is a 90-day warranty that begins the day the purchase was made. The only condition is that the item must not show evidence of damage at the time of return.

If the agent considers that the merchandise looks used, damaged, or altered, they have the right not to receive the product back.

Online Returns

If your purchase was made online and you cannot go to a Walmart store to make the return or exchange, you can do it by mail. The package must be sent in perfect condition, in its original packaging, and with no evidence of being altered.

When making the return online, Walmart will send a “return” label that you must print and attach to the package so that you will not be charged shipping costs. Once the package has been shipped and Walmart begins tracking the package, a refund will be issued.