Why is my Walmart order still processing?

Walmart is one of the largest multinationals in the world. Because of the diversity of products offered in its stores at affordable prices, customers continue to choose Walmart for their groceries and everyday items. Thus, the more customers, the more buy demands are placed and the longer the delay in processing purchases.

Therefore, it is widespread that, due to the increased demand and the volume of orders placed, processing and delivery times are long for in-branch and online shopping. However, there are various stages, from when the purchase request arrives until it is delivered to the recipient. Several factors can delay delivery, so the order will continue to be processed.

Why are Walmart orders delayed?

As mentioned above, some reasons can cause an order to be delayed at Walmart and customers to get their products late, especially if the order is placed online. The successful supermarket chain communicates by email with its customers to inform them about their purchase statuses, such as preparation time, approximate arrival at the destination, or the estimated time to pick up their products at the physical stores.

walmart order is processing

Among the delays that can delay online shopping delivery, we can list some of the most common factors for in-store pickup or home delivery.

High order demand

More and more people are choosing to place buys online and deliver them to their homes or pick them up when they are ready. Suppose your purchase is delayed and not prepared in time. In that case, it’s probably because you’re just one of many shopping at Walmart online.

This generates higher demand for orders, especially for festive events like Easter, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve. With so many requests for processing, employees have to do more processing, so the order will take longer to process and, therefore, to be ready for delivery.

Payment Method Delays

The payment verification process is another factor that could delay the processing of Walmart orders. The company’s collections team must verify the validity and legality of payment methods. When credit or debit cards are involved, there are often many issues due to problems with the bank or the balance available on the customer’s card.

After Walmart employees corroborate that the payment method is correct, the payment will be processed. If your order is delayed, an error may have occurred, and the charge will be postponed until the problem is resolved.

Shipping and Carrier Delays

There are often unforeseen events on the roads, such as road closures, accidents, or events that delay traffic, especially during rush hour, when there is more traffic and, therefore, the delivery time will be longer. This is external to Walmart but may affect the delivery time agreed upon with the customer.

On the other hand, if the buyer has placed his order through FedEx or USPs, he should check for delays in the area, as the carriers may be affected by what we mentioned above.

In these cases, the ideal is to track the order with the code obtained at the time of purchase. In this way, the customer can be prepared for possible delays and will be able to know the new estimated and updated delivery time. Suppose the ordering information has not been updated for two business days after the estimated delivery date. In that case, the customer should contact customer service.

Walmart order process

Pickup Delays

Delays in Walmart’s order processing may be due to problems during pickup. Before picking up your order at the store, you should check your email address, as you must wait for the “Ready for Pickup” email to be sent to you before picking up your order.

If more than two business days have passed and you have not received the “Ready for Pickup” mail, you must call customer service. You will also need to contact the phone number shown on the pickup sign. This will register you for pickup.

Delivery Waits

If the order processing has been completed, but the purchase has yet to arrive at its destination after exceeding the estimated waiting time, it is likely due to the distance between the supermarket location and the delivery location.

On the other hand, the delivery speed the customer selects may affect the order since, for example, a customer may request an order with delivery by 8:00 pm, leaving out the “immediate delivery” option. By selecting a time slot, instead of immediate delivery, charges may accumulate, with each one being shipped in the order of processing. This may delay the delivery and arrival of the order at its final destination.

Recommendation: A great option to avoid delays is to request immediate shipment to reach you as soon as possible.

Lack of products

Walmart workers must scour the entire store in search of the products the customer has requested, but often there are items in stock that the buyer has paid for. Finding replacements at a similar price and with the same features is necessary with no products available.

This can take longer than expected, so the shopping will take longer to process. Lack of inventory is widespread due to the high demand that these supermarkets tend to have, so it takes time to find a product to replace the one requested or replenish the merchandise, which will further delay the processing of the ordering.

Unsuccessful delivery

In some cases, customers are not at home when products arrive, so ensure you are at home at the chosen time to receive the purchase. If the customer is away from home when the driver delivers the order, a telephone advisor will contact the customer to advise that shopping is waiting at the door.

Suppose the buyer does not answer the phone or the door. In that case, the products will be returned to the Walmart branch. Delivery will be rescheduled after contacting the customer and arranging a date and time. If they do not hear from the customer, Walmart will cancel the order and its delivery, refunding the purchase price.


How to reduce order processing lead time?

The processing time Walmart handles depends entirely on the company since they control the delivery of orders. However, you can take some measures so that this waiting time is shorter and you can receive your products in the shortest time possible.

On the one hand, ensure that the store has all the products you will buy, since, if they are not in stock, the workers will save time looking for other products to replace them. Another way to save time is to purchase as soon as possible. If you place your order in advance, Walmart will process it more quickly, so it will arrive shortly at your home.

Walmart order still processing

Remember to verify that all the information about the payment method is correct, the contact information, and everything related to the delivery date and time. In order to speed up the process, it is best to choose the fastest delivery option. You should opt for immediate delivery, if available, or a shorter delivery method at checkout. However, this usually has an additional cost.

Why did the driver return my Walmart order?

Walmart drivers who are in charge of delivering orders to customers’ homes may return orders to Walmart stores if they do not have the customer’s exact address, it is not a safe location to wait for delivery, the customer is not at the address, or the customer has canceled the order.


How long does Walmart hold a package?

If you were away from home when your order was delivered, Walmart would hold your purchase for up to 7 days. You must pick it up then, or your order will be canceled.

How long do Walmart orders take to process?

After the online order is completed, Walmart takes 2-4 hours to process the order.

How long does Walmart take to ship an order?

Walmart takes about two business days to ship an order. If there is no shipping availability within 48 hours, the purchase will arrive at its destination within 3 to 5 business days after the order is placed.