When will the IRS start processing Amended Returns 2020?

Making a mistake on the income tax return is a high possibility. Although different tools are used to certify that all the information provided is true, the chances are open to failure. An Amended U.S. Personal Income Tax Return is filed to correct these problems.

This return is filed on Form 1040-X. However, since the pandemic, tax filings have slowed, and taxpayers still could not file an amended return in 2020. This year, individuals must file for 2021 and enter the 2020 contributions. Therefore, a major question arises, when will the IRS start process Amended Returns 2020?

What is Form 1040-X?

It is a document issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to help taxpayers change or rectify any error in their income tax return. This form makes an amended tax return to correct details regarding the original document.

Some of the situations that you can amend with the document are:

  1. Marital status on the return
  2. Number of dependents
  3. Errors in deductions

It is recommended to avoid using the form when a mathematical or calculation error is made. The IRS solves this inconvenience, so you do not need to amend details.

When will the IRS start process Amended Returns 2020?

The IRS will start processing 2020 returns in the 2022 tax period. Even if you did not file in 2020, you must pay your 2021 taxes as usual.

On January 1 of this year, the IRS said it had 2.3 million amended returns to review. This year, the system again collapsed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The IRS also confirmed that it would take a little longer to review and deliver each document. It stated that it would take more than 20 weeks instead of the usual 16 weeks.

To expedite the processes, the IRS invites taxpayers not to file paper returns but to do the paperwork electronically. You get your refund 21 days after the procedure. The money is sent through a bank account.

My refund is late; how can I find out its status?

The easiest way to find out the status of your refund is through the IRS “Where is my refund?” application. You can go directly by copying the following linkThis IRS tool will notify you of your refund status in real-time.

We caution that delays may cause the platform to have problems notifying you of the status in real-time.

Who must file Form 1040-X?

The form can be used by all taxpayers who wish to do any of these things:

  • Add or delete any item to the personal income tax return.
  • Modify marital tax status or family tax liability
  • Correct amounts on the return to increase or reduce deductions and credits
  • Claiming an overpayment for an incorrect deduction

How to file an amended tax return?

Filing a return to amend errors is simple; fill out and submit Form 1040-X. The process is as follows:

Step One: Gather the documents

Attach the original W-2s and 1099s and documents supporting the amendment you are requesting.

Step Two: Complete the form

The amended tax return has two pages. You must complete the first part with your personal information and then answer from lines one through 23, as appropriate. On the second page, you only need to:

  • Complete Part I if you want to change the dependent information reported on your original return
  • Complete Part II if you’re going to donate $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund and you did not itemize on your first return. If more than 20.5 months have passed since your return date, you cannot change this segment
  • Complete Part III with details of each change made to your return. You may also include other attachments, forms or documents that will serve as evidence for this process

Step Three: Sign and send

Sign, date, and mail the amended return, including your occupation and the tax year you wish to amend. Send it by mail, or you can also do this electronically from the IRS platform. If you want a more detailed guide on making and submitting this document, paste the following link in your browser

If amending your return results in additional debt to the IRS, you will owe:

  • If you do the process electronically, you must pay an online fee to file the document.
  • If the process is by mail, you must add a check or money order in the amount indicated by the IRS.

Do you need help?

If you need help with this or any other form, you can call the IRS Call Center at 866-533-0068. Through this number, you can receive free advice.