If administration and operations in finance is your bag then the IOC is a professional qualification that might catch your eye…

What’s the IOC?

The IOC (Investment Operations Certificate) is designed as an introduction to administration and operations in finance. It’s used to help people who are just getting started in relevant roles to train up and build knowledge in the field. It could also be an option if you are keen to get into this area and haven’t got enough initial know-how to get into the running.

You can also shape your IOC study programme to specialise in the right area of finance for you.

What will it involve?

You get a grand total of 12 different modules to choose from in introductory, regulatory and technical sections, which include topics such as asset servicing, OTC derivatives, operational risk, ISA administration, financial regulation in the UK and IT in investment operations. Multiple choice exams for each of the three units you choose to study.

What will it enable me to do?

The IOC is a trusted qualification in the finance industry and it is your ticket to taking on further professional qualifications with CISI. It may not unlock the top jobs for you, as it is intended more as an introduction to the industry rather than one of the more advanced qualifications, but if you’re just starting out in this field then the IOC could help you to make a very good impression. You could gain a lot of confidence from study for an introductory professional qualification alongside work experience.

How do I get the IOC?

There are a number of employers that use the IOC as part of their training for new intake at entry levels, so they may provide guidance and support to you as you study for the certificate alongside your work.

It’s possible to study on your own for this qualification too if you feel it will benefit your career ambitions. You could take a structured course pathway, such as the one offered by BPP University, if you don’t think study on your own will be enough.