Why USPS says delivered but there is no package?

Undoubtedly one of the biggest panic situations is when you get the notification that your order has arrived and you don’t get the package at the delivery site. Don’t worry; you are not the only one to whom this has happened.

Are you facing a solution after you have received the delivery notification? What can you do if your order does not show up? This article gives you the solution to this notification that scares many people yearly.

An unavoidable problem

USPS is responsible for delivering an average of 420 million packages per day, so it is relatively common for mistakes to be made. For this reason, when you receive your package, you should always be expecting that anything can happen; it is normal for mistakes to happen.

Even so, this does not mean that your package has been ordered forever. If your package comes up as “Delivered” on the tracker but is not in your mailbox, there is still a solution to make it appear.

Also, in most cases, this happens because of simple human error. There is a high possibility that it was marked as delivered too early, and your package is already on its way to its final destination.

Reasons why the message “Delivered” is usually displayed but the package is missing

In these situations, it is normal for you to think the worst and immediately consider that your package has been lost by USPS or stolen. But… Why does this usually happen? Where does the USPS error come from?

Your package was delivered to an address close to the one you provided

Once you get the delivery notification and don’t get your package at the delivery point, the best thing to do is check in the area. It is normal for USPS mail carriers to get the location mixed up or leave the package near where the GPS directs them mistakenly.

Especially when the delivery location is not so easily visible, or the weather is not favorable. It is common for the package to have been left at a nearby delivery location or the mailbox next door.

Automated GPS error

USPS delivery trucks have an automated GPS delivery system, where passing the location sends a “package delivered” message. Commonly, the system marks it as ready when the delivery truck is close to making the delivery.

Likewise, it often happens that your package is marked for delivery on another day. But the automated system marks it as delivered when the truck passes near your destination location.

The delivery person marks it as ready

One of the most likely reasons for this error is that the delivery driver marks the delivery before it is delivered. This happens because sometimes they have many deliveries to make, and they try to save time by marking them.

So, do not hesitate to wait a little bit in this case. Your package will surely be delivered; only the delivery person is a little late.

What to do if the tracker says, “package delivered,” and it is not there?

In these moments of panic, the first thing you should do is think about possible solutions. As we have said, it is very unlikely that the package is lost, so knowing the process of claim and solution is highly important.

Wait at least 24 hours and search near the location

As we said above, it is common for the delivery person to leave the package in the delivery perimeter due to certain circumstances. This can happen either because he could not reach the apartment in case you live in a building or because he could not get to the point where you live in a house.

Asking the neighbors is another option; often, the drivers get to the wrong house and usually leave the packages to nearby neighbors. It is very common for this to happen and for the package to have been left on porches, fronts, or even garages of houses on the perimeter.

There is also the possibility that the delivery has not yet been made. Therefore, it is best to wait at least 24 business hours before filing a claim with the USPS.

Contact USPS or your mail carrier

You should have details such as the package’s tracking number or screenshots showing that you received the “delivered” notification. This is to confirm if your package was delivered or if it was a simple system error.

USPS will contact your mail carrier and verify what happened to the package. In any case, you will have to wait at least seven days to file an official claim for the loss of your package.

But… What if they lost my package?

The first recommendation we can give you is to go to the nearest USPS office to find a solution. Once there, you can fill out the lost package claim forms and initiate the process with USPS.

This request will initiate a USPS package tracing service where the GPS location of the delivery truck will be checked. Looking to see where the package was dropped off. At the same time, shipping insurance will also be activated; trying to resolve this.