How to Cancel Lexington Law subscription?

Sometimes we turn to companies that are experts in accounts and credits to solve the problems we may have in this area. Although, after seeing the results, it is normal to dispense with the service, so we will explain how to unsubscribe from Lexington Law.

Ways to cancel your Lexington Law account

This company knows that most of the time, the people who hire their service are so busy that they cannot take care of their credit and financial problems. That’s why they know it would cost them twice as much to go to a location and cancel their subscription, which is why they offer the phone service and one other service.

Canceling your membership through Customer Service

Lexington Law’s contact number is required to reach them: +1- 800-341-8441. When dialing, a company operator will speak and present the menu option.

Among the options, you will find one related to their services; then, you will state your desire to cancel the subscription. Upon request, the telephone agent will ask for your account information to begin the cancellation procedure.

Do not hang up the call without being assured that your account has been canceled, either by verbal confirmation or by them emailing you with the certification.

Cancellation via the website

Lexington Law is quite particular compared to other services, as they are proponents of continuous communication with their clients.

That is why, if you are going to cancel through the website, we can find a direct communication service.

Enter the page with your unique login. When loading, you will see the “Contact Us” icon. Click on it to open a chat sale with Lexington Law customer service.

Likewise, in the chat, you should demand to cancel the membership and give the pertinent account information. They should likewise communicate when the process has been consolidated and give you a confirmation certificate.

Cost of Lexington Law services

Lexington Law services are related to sensitive issues such as finance and credit. Therefore, Lexington has three levels designed for the difficulty required for an individual or a company.

Each one has a different cost that can be adjusted to the client’s wallet. The price ranges from $90 to $130, but you will get better information by contacting one of their employees.

Why cancel an account at Lexington Law?

One of the biggest complaints about Lexington Law is the customer service feature they are most eager to point out. Many have commented that when they call or write to the web chat, they wait hours to be attended to. So, to save themselves inconvenience in the future, they prefer to stop subscribing.

On the other hand, at the time of cancellation of the subscription, the company is not responsible for making a refund. If you decide to cancel the subscription, the due closing of the account and delivery of your documents will be made.

What to do after canceling?

Since Lexington has had access to your bank account information and transactions, it is recommended that you verify your account statements once your membership has been canceled. The review would be to provide that the charges that Lexington Law was proceeding with were indeed ceased.