How to Cancel Apple Music subscription?

Every time the internet world expands, the options to fill your ears with the music you also like increase. That’s why many people have decided to cancel their Apple Music subscription. If you want to migrate to other music platforms but are already subscribed to this platform, we will show you how to unsubscribe in a matter of minutes.

Cancel my Apple Music subscription from my Mac

To log into your Apple Music account profile, you will need to look for the app store on your computer’s startup, and from there, you will be able to enter the application and record your session.

Next, your Apple Music profile will open, and we will guide our mouse to the icon in the upper corner that says “more information”; when we click on it, a segment with different account management options will appear. Among the options offered, we will choose the subscriptions option.

This, in turn, will allow you to manage it and click on it. Unlike the other platforms, this one will tell you to edit this section, and our magic button will appear. Click where it says “Cancel subscription”.

Cancel my Apple Music subscription from my iPhone

  1. Swipe down to your phone’s settings
  2. Press where your profile picture appears so you can log in to manage your account
  3.  There you will be able to see the “subscriptions” option when you press on it; a list of the subscriptions to which you are subscribed from your iCloud account will appear; look for Apple Music
  4.  When you enter, it will automatically show you where you can unsubscribe from it; press there
  5. And that’s it; your membership will be canceled as soon as the cut-off date comes into effect

What does Apple Music offer before you subscribe?

As a company that thinks about its customers and captivates them with its services, Apple Music offers, before making a paid subscription, a free trial of its platform for some time of 3 months, enough for the user to decide if they want to subscribe permanently or leave at the end of the period.

It should be noted that registering the same in this test requires your credit card details, so if you do not cancel your free subscription, you may be charged for the same.

Reasons to abandon the platform

Compared to other music platforms, Apple Music, despite having time on the market for its music repertoire, lacks variety and presents problems when any of the songs are playing since this is paralyzed or stops listening.

Keep this in mind before canceling your subscription

The process will be done immediately; there will be no need to wait for a confirmation message to arrive by your email or phone number. The account will become inactive after the end of the cut-off date. You will be able to continue enjoying the Apple Music service until the plan renewal date is reached.