How to cancel New York Times subscription?

Although the New York Times is considered one of the most influential and famous newspapers worldwide, not everyone is attracted to it. In one of the worst situations, you have paid for a subscription and now don’t know how to cancel it.

The most recognized journalism company offers multiple methods to cancel subscriptions that can help if you don’t know how to do so. In most options, they will do all the work for you; you have to ask.

How do I cancel my New York Times subscription over the phone?

Among the many ways, it offers you to unsubscribe, as a golden customer, the most famous one is by phone. The company provides a telephone number, 866-273-3612, through which you can contact them to make your request without any problem.

You must be aware of how necessary it is to request the cancellation of your subscription. Because if you stop using it, the company will continue to charge your card monthly the subscription cost.

The hours of operation vary depending on the day you want to call, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 pm. On the other hand, on weekends or national holidays, they work from 7 am to 3 pm.

If you call outside these hours, it will not be possible to give you an answer because customer services will be out of service. Therefore, it is best to wait until they are working before calling.

I am outside the U.S. How can I call?

Due to the global reach of the New York Times, its customer service will not depend solely on whether you are located in the United States. They offer multiple numbers depending on your location.

If, for example, you are located in the Pacific area, there are many numbers you can call. In Australia, 1800 948 030, in Porcelain 4008 428 025, in Hong Kong 800 930 078, and India 000 800 040 3851.

Other countries on the international phone list are Japan at 0066 33 821850, Malaysia at 1 800 819 916, and New Zealand at 0800 446 187. Above, the Philippines 1 800 1 855 0282, Singapore 800 1302 318, and South Korea 00308 133 216 are included.

But if you are located in Europe, there is also a long list of numbers to call. The countries included are Austria 800 102374, Belgium 800 79 833, Denmark 80 83 04 03, France 800 91 21 18, and Germany 0800 1803 410.

Some also included in the European list are Great Britain 808 164 4407, Ireland 1800 904 854, Italy 800 780462, Netherlands 800 0900060. In addition, Norway 800 54 767, Spain 900 953 253, Sweden 20 033 67 78 and Switzerland 800 001 709. All of this so that you can cancel your subscription without any obstacle, most easily and quickly.