How to cancel Hulu subscription?

Hulu is a streaming service owned by Disney. But if you are thinking about unsubscribing from this digital platform. You have come to the right place; here, we will tell you how to cancel your subscription according to your contracted service.

There are several reasons why nowadays the public decides to stop paying their subscription. Such as lack of budget, the person is bored with the service or wants to focus on other things, and that is why you must read carefully the following.

How to unsubscribe from Hulu online?

One of the options to unsubscribe from Hulu is logging into your account from the website.

Once you have entered your data, go to the “my account” section and then click on “cancel” to complete the process. Remember to wait for the confirmation email.

Online, there is also another way to cancel the subscription, which is through the live chat service. You will ask the operator to terminate your account, and an email will be sent to you confirming your cancellation.

Cancellation of the free period

When you purchase your free one-month trial period, you must associate your credit card with the application; what happens? Suppose you do not cancel your subscription one day before the end of the trial period. In that case, the application will automatically add charges to your account, so you must unsubscribe from Hulu on the last day of the trial period before 11:59 pm. Such cancellation is made immediately.

Cancellation of Hulu via phone call

Another option you can consider canceling your subscription is a phone call. It is easy; you must call customer service (888-907-0345) and support and notify the operator of your decision; once executed, you must wait for confirmation that your request has been effective.

Unsubscribe Hulu through other applications

As you read it, unsubscribing from Hulu is possible through third parties, which we will mention below, so that you can learn how to do this procedure and thus achieve your unsubscription from the application.


Through the website, you can unsubscribe. Once you are there, click on login. Once logged in, go to the “membership and subscriptions” box, double-click on actions, and disable Hulu auto-renewal. Finally, you will allow the option to confirm and wait for your email to validate your application termination.


If you are an Apple user, you can also unsubscribe through iTunes. The process is also simple; you must log in by entering your Apple ID and password, then go to settings and manage subscriptions. You will see all your subscribed services and click on deactivate.


You must go to the website and log in. Afterward, you must go to the “account” tab and find one of the apps you want to cancel the subscription; finally, you must press “cancel subscription” and wait via email to validate the operation.


It’s easy; you have to log into your Disney + account and go to the unsubscribe option; once selected, you have to click on accept and wait for your email to confirm your unsubscription.

Can I re-subscribe after unsubscribing?

This is a question that consumers constantly ask. And the answer is, of course! Although it is also viable to unsubscribe temporarily, in this way, the application will allow you to return whenever you want and have access again to all the services that are offered by this streaming platform.

It is easy to unsubscribe through this platform, and several methods facilitate this process. If you are a consumer considering this option, you can choose any of the suggestions in this article.