What is “In transit to next facility” mean?

When shopping online, regardless of the package, we may find ourselves in a situation where we worry about whether the package will arrive on time. In these cases, we can choose to track our purchases through USPS.

USPS allows its users to track their packages by notifying them of all the processes it undergoes from the time of purchase to the time it arrives at their destination. However, an “in transit to next facility” option may cause some concern, which we will explain here.

What does “in transit to next facility” mean?

When using USPS, your package may be in the “in transit to next facility” option. This means that your purchase has already been processed and is on its way to its destination.

However, this is not the only message you may get. Shipping processes are divided into different stages such as:


This is the first process your purchase enters once you have entered your personal information and paid for your purchase. This information is forwarded to USPS, which oversees the whole shipping process.

At this stage, the package is in the warehouse, and you have to wait for the USPS to verify the purchase by scanning the item at the pickup site. Once this is done, you move on to the next process.


After the USPS scans the item code, the process moves to the acceptance stage, indicating that the packages have been received.

In Transit To Next Facility

The package is now on its way to its destination. It should be noted that there is an estimated period in which the package should arrive at its destination. If it does not arrive, the user can track their order to be aware of the situation.

What to do in case of “alert” status and late delivery?

If your package does not arrive on time, you have entered a delayed delivery status. This usually happens due to different situations, most of which are due to external factors that the company does not control, such as the weather, road problems, etc.

However, sometimes it can also be due to poor organization that causes sorting errors and misdirection. On the other hand, in these cases, users always receive a notification informing them of the delay in the delivery of their order.

Can I pick up my USPS package before it is delivered?

Although it is not very common, it is possible. However, you should be aware that your package may not be at the office closest to your location, as locations may vary.

However, it is unnecessary to go to one of the locations without first verifying where your package is by calling your nearest local post office to find out if it is there.

In addition, confirming the days and times you can pick up your purchase is possible to avoid misunderstandings. On the other hand, keep in mind that USPS tracking information is often out of date.

Because of this, it may say it is in pre-shipment when it is already in transit to the next facility; in this case, you will not be able to pick it up.