Where the Metro NY distribution center is located?

The demand for the transportation of packages in the United States is quite high. To ensure a clean and correct process, proper organization and classification must be carried out to make the delivery of a product possible. This is the origin of the USPS distribution centers.

The Metro NY distribution center is one of the largest processing and distribution centers in the United States. This is because it not only handles state or national shipments, it also handles international shipments. It is a very busy center.

What does the Metro NY distribution center do?

The Metro NY processing and distribution center is responsible for processing incoming mail and distributing it into outgoing mail. The center must handle all packages that are received from local post offices.

Another job of the Metro NY distribution center is to manage the stations and branches that are in service within their area code; in addition to that, they make sure that all mail sent from other areas reaches its final destination or the establishments that are in the area code.

Are there two Metro NY distribution centers?

Citizens are often confused between the two processing and distribution centers located in the state of New York. There are two different entities in the same city; it is normal to get confused because both centers are huge, and people might get them mixed up.

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The main location is the New York Morgan Processing and Distribution Center, found in the United States Parcel Post building on 9th Avenue in New York.

The second is the Queens Processing and Distribution Center on 20th Avenue. New York has others in Mid-Island and Melville. Both centers are located in metropolitan areas. However, they are independent distribution centers.

A third independent distribution center is the Brooklyn Distribution Center, which only handles mail or packages from area businesses to residents. It is located at 1194 Metropolitan Ave.

When people discuss the Metro NY Distribution Center, they usually refer to the New York Morgan as the state’s main hub.

Where does the Metro NY distribution center work?

The activity at the Metro NY Distribution Center is quite high because they are responsible for processing mail received from five different large boroughs of New York State, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan.

Now, inbound processing is one thing, but the Metro NY Distribution Center only handles outbound processing, i.e., mail distribution going to either Manhattan or the Bronx.

The New York Morgan center is also responsible for sorting international mail received from the John F. Kennedy International Service Center.

Are the processing center and the distribution center the same?

A processing center is different from a distribution center; finding them in the same building is normal because both processes go hand in hand to ship packages efficiently. However, it is possible to find them in separate buildings, which isn’t a bad thing.

Processing Center

In the case of processing centers, their function is to process all mail that arrives at that geographic location and then prepare it for the next shipment. Their work process is to sort the item, check the ZIP code, verify the security and then sort the mail for dispatch.

The USPS handles most areas of the United States by routing the mail first to a processing center to ensure there are no mistakes or technical errors when sending the mail on its route to the final recipient.

The package may go through not just one but several processing centers before being sent to a distribution center. This will vary depending on the origin of the mail and the final destination.

Distribution center

The distribution centers of the United States Postal Service are fully mechanized facilities whose function is to send mail or packages so that they reach their final destination, whether it is a person, a company, or a mailbox service.

At this center, packages are loaded onto USPS transport trucks to direct the package to the post office closest to its destination. There, the regional distribution that handles local shipments is processed.

“Stuck in transit”

Suppose the recipient receives a message on their package tracking waybill saying “Stuck in transit” at the Metro NY Processing and Distribution Center. No depot within the processing center has scanned and sorted the package in the last 24 hours.

Several factors can cause your package to be stuck in transit at the Metro NY Processing and Distribution Center. The most common is overloading due to high mail volumes causing delays in the sorting and shipping process.

It is also possible that the package is not registered in the USPS system and has not been scanned and sorted. If this is the case, the source location must first be traced to register the package in the system and proceed with distribution securely.

Another common factor is transit problems or delays between the distribution center and the post office due to bad weather.

This may not be as frequent, but it is feasible that technical problems may occur within the facility which cause a delay in the registration and sorting of the package.

What happens after the stuck-in-transit update message?

When the package has left the Metro NY Distribution Center, the tracking guide of the package will be updated. It may appear as “In transit to the next facility” or if the delay at the processing center was long, “In transit arriving late.”

This means that the package is already on its way to be delivered to the nearest post office, which will take care of local delivery to the final recipient.