How to cancel FabFitFun membership?

Deleting a FabFitFun membership is simpler than expected, thanks to today’s technology and the wide variety of computers and mobile devices. Therefore, the tedious process of years ago is reduced into convenient processes you will learn about.

How can you cancel your FabFitFun membership in simple steps?

Cancelling this kind of subscription is just like getting rid of any other benefits from private companies. Therefore, it is not overly complicated and requires careful precautions to carry out the process smoothly.

Keep in mind that to be able to cancel such service, you only need willingness, a little bit of time, and any smart mobile device or computer. Without further ado, here are some of the alternatives to unsubscribing.

Cancel your membership by making contact by phone call

You will have to look for the support number on the official platform. Once you call, you will contact FabFitFun customer support staff directly. You must wait until one of the executives is available to continue.

When you start talking to them, request the cancellation of the account, and then follow each of the instructions provided in the letter. The agent will take care of everything else and ask for your email confirmation.

Cancel the membership within your account on the official FabFitFun website

The web process is the quickest and easiest option of all. Go to the company’s website and click on “Login“.

fabfitfun login

Now, log in with the username and password of the linked subscription.

member login fabfitfun

Once the browser loads again, find and select the “Manage Subscription” option. Next, click on “My subscription and orders”, and then click on “Cancel“. Finally, follow all the instructions and finish the process.

Cancel your membership thanks to the company support chat

As in the previous procedure, you will have to enter the company’s official website and log in with the user to cancel the membership. Go inside the support and select the “Chat” box. You will have to wait a little while to get a response.

When an agent is available, you will make the request. Immediately after that, provide all the information requested and follow all the parameters provided. With that, the company’s staff will cancel the management process.

Cancel your membership with the drafting of a minute via email

Within the official online platform, you will find the customer service contacts that will ensure the process of cancelling your FabFitFun membership. You will have to write a minute expressing your reason and request for membership cancellation.

Subsequently, you will receive an email with all the steps to follow to complete the process. Once finished, you will receive a message in the same way, confirming that the process has been successful.