How to cancel Fitness Connection membership?

Although the services offered by Fitness Connection are varied and have ease of care, perhaps they no longer fit your current routines, or you are using a different service.

Whether you’re unfamiliar with the process or the company’s policies, whatever the reason for canceling your service, we bring you the perfect guide to unsubscribing.

Two methods to cancel your subscription easily!

Many users report having trouble finding a way to unsubscribe from this service. Here are two of the easiest and safest ways to unsubscribe:

Cancel Fitness Connection via email

You can easily cancel your membership through their website. You need to have your registration information handy, as you will need it to log in to your account.

When you log in, you will find the cancellation request form called “Fitness Connection membership cancellation form” among the options.

The form is the letter you will send to the management to explain why you want to cancel the service. Please note that it must be sent only by the membership member. Since it is online, you will be asked to send it from the email address.

Once the request has been sent, a tracking number and an email will be sent to the address to verify the cancellation.

You do not need to reply to this email. You will find the option to re-enter your registration data and number to continue processing your application.

Finally, you will receive a confirmation that your membership will be canceled within 30 days.

You can also cancel your membership by phone call

In this method, you will be asked for more personal information. But it’s still a simple process and even faster than the previous one.

First, you will have to go to your nearest Fitness Connection center. It would be best if you asked for your membership ID, a card with a barcode, and identification numbers.

With this, you will be able to call the customer service number in your city to proceed with the cancellation request.

A customer service executive will answer and ask for your personal information to fill out the service cancellation form. They will also ask you to explain why you no longer wish to join the group and take advantage of their fitness services.

They will then ask for your email address so that you can confirm the termination of your membership and that you will have canceled your subscription.