How to cancel Cbs All Access subscription?

The world of technology is full of platforms where you can watch your favorite series and movies, and CBS All Access is one of them. This is an extension of the TV channel to reach mobile devices.

However, there is so much diversity in the market that you can watch the same CBS All Access content on other platforms and at a lower cost per membership, so if you decide to unsubscribe, we’ll make it easy for you in steps.

Unsubscribe on the website

Log in to the official CBS All Access website.

We go to the toolbar and press on it until the panel slides down, and we find “my account.”

Choose the “Unsubscribe” option, and upon logging in, you can confirm your decision using a box that says “confirm“.”Next, the company will remind you of the account cancellation contract and all the terms you agreed to when you joined this community. You will reconfirm your decision, and the cancellation of your subscription will be processed.

Cancel your subscription in the following way by call

Similarly, if you can cancel your subscription on your laptop, CBS All Access also offers customer service via phone. Pick up your phone and dial the following number: (888) 274-5343. An agent from the respective company will answer you.

They will ask you for your account information, such as the account holder’s name, the email address affiliated with the account, and the credit card number to which the membership deposit was made, among other information.

You will have to wait awhile for it to process all the information and then confirm the cancellation of your subscription.

Does CBS All Access offer a free trial?

Yes, there is a free version of CBS All Access, but it lasts for 30 days, and it is quite reliable and ideal since you can check the content offered without restrictions.

Do I get a refund after I cancel?

No. The company is responsible for refunding the money deposited for the membership, but they are not responsible for how long this process takes.

If you have announced the cancellation of your subscription, CBS All Access will start the refund procedures after 3 to 5 days. And the refund will be received in the account you had registered in your subscription.

When is the account canceled?

Even though the company issues a refund, it does not mean that the account is canceled the minute it is done. They override the plan you chose at the beginning, i.e., if the monthly plan you subscribed to expires on a specific date, the cancellation will be made on that day.

Why cancel the CBS All Access subscription?

Some users have reported canceling their subscriptions since the channel has been canceling some programs or series on which they were quite hooked. They also report that customer service is sometimes slow, as it takes hours to respond to solve problems or answer questions.