How to cancel Discord nitro subscription?

The Discord Nitro platform is quite diverse, allowing users to join them for free through a paid subscription.

However, these two have quality differences, so most choose the paid subscription. But if you don’t want to continue paying and want to cancel your Discord Nitro subscription, we can help you to proceed with it.

Step by step of canceling your subscription on Discord Nitro

Like any platform, you must enter the official website and log in with your username and password to unsubscribe.

On the main screen, we must find the settings icon. From it, another bar will appear, but in vertical form with different configuration options. There, we will go to the one that says “subscriptions.”

Our screen will change, and in the center of it, we will see the details of our membership, such as the payment date, the cost, and the option to cancel it, which is where we will select.

The company will also tell you which resources will be canceled along with the subscription cancellation.

Does Discord Nitro confirm the cancellation?

After reaching this point of the procedure, the company will insist on asking if you still want to unsubscribe from this subscription.

We will say yes and proceed with the cancellation confirmation. A small banner will be displayed in the center of the screen, and you will be asked to tell them why you have decided to stop being a member of the application.

At what point is membership permanently terminated?

Everyone who belongs to the Discord Nitro application has an invoice for their membership that includes a membership expiration date. When you cancel the subscription, it will be done when the cut-off date arrives.

You can cancel your Discord Nitro subscription in the middle or beginning of the subscription. Still, you can continue to enjoy its services until the paid membership invoice for that month expires.

How can I delete my credit card details?

You can find the billing option a little below the subscription one, the same profile of your account, and the same settings bar.

Moreover, You can click on it, and then you will be shown a panel with the option to edit the billing since it will not only serve to delete your credit card data but also to add another payment method.

You must position yourself on the credit card you want to withdraw; below it appears, the option to “delete payment method” appears, and there you can select it or slide it, and that’s it.

Thus, your credit card data will not be registered in Discord Nitro. It should be noted that this procedure can be performed if you also have in mind to cancel your account. Otherwise, Discord will act on the matter.