Arrived at FedEx Location • What do this and other tracking updates mean?

When a shipment is sent to you, there are different stages it goes through before it reaches your hands. One update that can be confusing is arrived at FedEx location, even though it is part of the process the package will have to go through before it reaches its final destination.

There are other updates such as in transit, or submitted at FedEx onsite. Today, we are going to learn about these types of updates and what they will indicate in the process that your shipment will have until it reaches its destination.

What does arrived at FedEx location mean?

This is an update that occurs early in the FedEx package delivery process. It means that it has arrived at a FedEx sort facility. However, the shipment has not yet been loaded from the destination to travel to the final destination. The shipment is only being prepared for shipment to its destination.

It is important to note that this does not mean that you are at a FedEx location that is close to the recipient. The update indicates that it is at any stage of the package’s journey.

These updates will usually always appear in the early stages of the package journey. This is an update that can be given even a day before the package is sorted for the onward journey.

What does the FedEx in transit upgrade mean?

With this update, many confusions are generated, because it is thought that when you receive this update it means the package is in transit. On many occasions, if your package appears as in transit, it is not necessarily because it is moving.

This update can be displayed after the arrived at FedEx location. It may indicate that the package will begin its journey to the destination city soon. It is a tracking update that is notable for being very vague and always indicates that the package is on its way to the final destination.

But, in many cases, the package may still be sitting still, because it has simply been scanned. This scanning is done before the package is put on a truck or plane to be shipped to the destination city facility.

What does the Departed FedEx Location update mean?

This is an update that will indicate that the package has left the FedEx facility. These facilities are where the package has been processed for its next step in the routing. This may indicate that the package will go to the next FedEx location, as part of the process for final delivery.

Depending on the distance in transit between the sender and receiver, this is an update that may appear multiple times. Remember, some shipments go through multiple FedEx hubs before they can be delivered.

This update will not indicate that the package will be delivered immediately. This is because the package may be at an intermediate facility on the route it has to take before reaching the final delivery point.

Arrived at local FedEx Facility Update

This is an update that will appear when the package has arrived at a sorting facility near the recipient. When this update is received, it will indicate that the package is close to delivery.

These facilities are close to the recipient, so once the package is processed, it will be sent to a truck for final delivery. This alert indicates that the package is close to the destination point. The package will be processed at the closest facility and could be delivered to the recipient soon.

In transit at local facility meaning

This is a combination of two updates. It will normally indicate to us that the package is on its way for final delivery, and is at a FedEx facility. In these cases, the package will normally be given to a truck for final delivery.

The package may not be on a truck yet, but the truck number that will pick up the package has already been assigned. When this update appears, you will most likely receive your package the same day.

What does submitted at FedEx onsite mean?

This update will only appear if you use FedEx OnSite delivery options. This means the package is ready for pickup at a specific location. The pickup location is specified when the package is shipped and is usually Walgreens or Dollar General.

When the package is at these delivery points it will stay there for 7 days. This will give you plenty of time to pick up your package directly at this delivery point.

However, if the package is not picked up, it will be returned to the nearest FedEx facility. In these cases, you will receive an update on your package tracking because the package will no longer be available for pickup.

If this happens, you will need to instruct FedEx to make the final delivery of your package.

It is important to know all the updates that FedEx has for your shipments, because this way you will avoid any worries. If your package is stuck in any of the updates for more than 24 hours, the best thing to do is to call FedEx to verify what has happened.