How to Everybody Fitness cancel membership?

If we wanted to move, this would imply not only a change of house but also of other aspects. One of them is the gym we used to go to. So if we encounter this problem, we tell you in the following text how to unsubscribe from Everybody Fitness.

Can I cancel my Everybody Fitness membership by call?

If you are in the middle of a moving process, the least that can cross your mind is to cancel your membership. That’s why the company has thought of and offers customer service by phone.

Contact the number corresponding to the branch you are subscribed to or the one you frequent the most. When the agent attends to you, inform him/her of your desire to cancel your membership and why. Give them your subscription information to expedite the procedure.

When they suggest the cancellation has been made, ask for confirmation either by email or a receipt.

Can I cancel Everybody Fitness online?

Everybody Fitness offers its service in the same way through the e-mail This email will contain a detailed explanation for your cancellation.

The company must contact you back by the same means to certify that you are no longer an active member of their services.

Will Everybody Fitness charge me for canceling my membership?

Some companies in their hiring policies dictate that you will be charged an additional fee if you wish to unsubscribe from their services; fortunately, Everybody Fitness is a company that has certain parameters that will determine that situation.

For example, if you leave your community due to travel or illness, or if you move, as is the case here, they will be able to negotiate with the client so that there is no or minimal charge.

Do you refund?

This will depend on the moment you cancel the membership; if it is done in the middle of the month, the company protects itself with a contract policy that grants that this can be done after 30 days of the contract and thus assure the payment for that month. The company could be liable for the days elapsed if it is done after the completion date.

When should I start the cancellation process?

This issue is important since most of the subscriptions are automatically renewed. That is why we must do this procedure with enough time (10 days before) before the membership expiration date. That way, it will be completed, and there is no risk of paying the following month.

Should I delete my bank account information?

To avoid the same situation as above, of being charged for a membership that has already been canceled, the best thing to do is open your bank account affiliated with the subscription to delete the same data that registered you as a customer.

It should be noted that this procedure should be done afterward. Suppose you have not initiated the Everybody Fitness cancellation process and intend to delete your bank details. In that case, this move will be unsuccessful because the company will continue to charge you or add charges to your account.

Can I cancel by letter?

Most fitness services offer this service. If you wish to unsubscribe by letter, have the address of the place at hand. You should also have your payment information. That way, it is possible to demand cancellation and notification of cancellation.