How to cancel Bright Cellars membership?

While the services offered by Bright Cellars are very novel and extravagant, you may find that your selection no longer suits your tastes. One reason to cancel your Bright Cellars membership is that you don’t like the wine selection the app chose.

If you no longer want to continue seeing their notifications, stop receiving the monthly benefits this wine club offers you. Here’s the right way to stop paying for unsatisfactory service.

How to stop paying for Bright Cellars membership?

The default way to cancel your Bright Cellars membership is by emailing their official address or customer service numbers.

There is no option to cancel the membership through their website, and the different methods you get on the internet are unreliable. It is better to opt for this platform’s personalized and secure service.

Step by step to cancel your membership via email

First you must write an email identified with your data: full name, contact phone number, username, and password; country, state, room address, and affiliated credit card.

Following your personal information, you will write the reason for your complaint. In this case, you will clearly express why you no longer want to be associated with the Bright Cellars membership.

It will be sent to this email address You must have patience because the response period is 48 to 72 business hours.

Once you have received the response from the service team, they will tell you that you are no longer a member of Bright Cellars membership. You can then say goodbye to this monthly subscription.

A telephone is also an option.

They have now also implemented a cancellation method for Bright Cellars membership via a call to the customer service operator. This allows you to be connected directly to a company employee in a faster way.

The first step is to call the Bright Cellars team at 844-223-5527. They will greet you briefly and ask why you called; maybe a complaint or a problem with a charge on your card. In this case, it is a cancellation of your membership.

After explaining your cancellation, they will ask for your account details. You must provide your name, web user, and email address associated with the subscription.

You must request that they email you the ticket number of your cancellation request. Although this should be processed 48 hours after your call, it will be useful if there is any inconvenience with the cancellation of your account.

Unlike other similar services, something very favorable about this platform is that it allows you to cancel your membership any day of the month. No need to pay the established monthly amount in advance. In addition, they have good customer service to deal with any claim or process efficiently.