How to cancel Epoch payment?

Given the diversity of currencies currently available in the electronic market, many companies have resorted to accounts where people can make payments without inconvenience. This is where Epoch Payment comes into the picture. However, some people still distrust that third-party accounts handle their money, so they decide to cancel their subscription to this application.

Does Epoch provide any refunds?

Before canceling your Epoch subscription, you should know that you can receive a refund if you consider it appropriate. However, you should contact customer service to discuss this with an agent. You can call these numbers: +1 800 893 8871 / +1 310 664 5810.

How to cancel Epoch Payment by email?

The email option is a great way to cancel your Epoch subscription. You can write to to make your request. You must be very detailed and provide your account details so the team can make the process much faster. If you want a refund, request it through the same email and wait for confirmation.

You can also cancel Epoch Payment via phone call

Epoch Payment’s customer service is just a phone call away, and will be happy to assist you with your membership cancellation request. Call the following number: 1-800-893-8871, and you will be attended to as soon as possible. Once contacted, the Epoch agent will ask you some questions and request your account information to cancel your membership.

Cancel your Epoch Payment subscription through their Chatbot

If you log in to the official website, at the bottom of the screen, you should see a Chatbot that you can contact to cancel your subscription. The process is simple because you must type “Cancel account” to receive a list of required account information to proceed with the request.

When you provide the information, you should ask for an invoice or email to guarantee that you have been unsubscribed from Epoch.

Can I Pause my Membership?

If you are reluctant to cancel your Epoch subscription, you may want to think again because once you have unsubscribed, there will be no option to come back but with a new membership. That is, there is no possibility to pause your account until you wish to return.

Why do users unsubscribe?

Some users unsubscribe from Epoch because they claim there are many complaints about system charges to other sites where they have not subscribed. In addition, they do not receive e-mails with information about their memberships and bank transactions.

Another important reason is that it accepts payments from unreliable sites such as gambling houses or casinos; this is an important reason for those who think a lot about the reputation and legitimacy of payments.