How to cancel Justfab subscription?

Justfab has become an important online site for purchasing clothing, footwear, and other items. To access this site, you must have a subscription to buy. But if you are already a subscriber and wish to cancel your subscription, read carefully.

If you no longer use your account and receive email notifications from this app, you should cancel your subscription to it, so you can stop paying a monthly fee for something you do not use.

How to cancel your Justfab subscription?

To cancel your VIP subscription and stop being charged the monthly fee from your bank account, there are a series of methods with simple steps. I will mention them below:

By telephone

By calling the phone number provided, you can delete your VIP account; you will be contacted by an operator who will ask you why you will stop taking the service; once the conversation is over, he will cancel your subscription.

Through the website

Another option to cancel your Justfab subscription is through the Justfab website.

Once logged in, double-click on “my account,” then click on “cancel membership” explain why and that’s it; your account will be canceled for good. You can also do it through the online chat found on the same website, an operator will attend to you, and in real-time, you can cancel your subscription.

Via email

You can also cancel your subscription by email. Furthermore, you must use the email address in the site’s database and write a text titled “Account unsubscription request.”

In it, you must explain why you took the decision and be clear and precise when writing it. Finally, you must send it to

Common reasons for unsubscribing

JustFab VIP is linked to your bank account and automatically charges your monthly subscription. The most common reason to cancel is that you do not use this platform and need your money for other things.

In the beginning, when you see the prices of the offers, you don’t hesitate to subscribe, but after a while without using it, canceling the subscription is the best option because you pay the money you don’t enjoy.

Important aspects before canceling your subscription to Justfab

If you have already decided to cancel your membership, you should consider the following: you can pause your subscription as long as you want (you must do it for the first five days of each month), and you will not be charged anything at all. You are also not obliged to buy monthly.

Many Internet users also think it is a scam since you have to pay a subscription of approximately €40 mandatories to buy the items that the page offers, but that can be used for discounts or be redeemed for products from the online store.

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose all the benefits of the site, such as the 30% discount on their products. Instead, you could pause the subscription to continue enjoying the discount when you reactivate it.

Can I reactivate my Justfab subscription?

The answer is yes! Of course, after you pause your subscription and decide to buy again, you can do so without any problem. You only have to pay the monthly fee for the page, and you will be able to buy again with all the benefits they offer.

So, if you are thinking of unsubscribing from Justfab, you know what you should do, but evaluate it very well before doing so. Remember all the benefits they offer for you, the return system, and even the free shipping on their line of shoes, jewelry, accessories, handbags, wallets, etc. However, if you are unsatisfied with all this, you can cancel it whenever you want by following any of the methods we leave you in this post.