5 Reasons to Study With AAT

There’s hundreds of Accounting qualifications across the globe and you need to make sure you’re picking the best one for you. Here’s 5 good reasons why picking the AAT Accounting Qualification is a great place to start.

1) Industry –Focused Qualification

To make a decision to go and take a course is a huge call, so you need to know that your qualification is going to be relevant. AAT’s Accounting Qualification is internationally renowned as being extremely industry-focused as well as showing commitment and dedication to the industry.

2) A Fast Track to the Big Time

The qualification is also a great basis for chartered accountancy, but one that can be used as a springboard. The Advanced Diploma in Accounting will provide exemptions with all UK chartered and certified accountancy bodies, to give you the start you need.

3) Confidence Boosting Career Break!

Courses can be moulded around the time that you have off, so whether it’s a planned break, you’ve been laid off or you just decide it’s time for something new, then courses can be made to fit your needs, to give you qualifications and confidence when you head back to work.

4) Potential for School Leavers

Studying AAT courses will set you up with a host of transferable skills that employers across the world of work, as well as setting you on a path to becoming an accountant. The opportunities to study AAT as part of an accounting apprenticeship only add to this potential.

5) Post-Qualification Flexibility

With an AAT qualification, there are a host of options available once you get the grades and qualify – not only do our foundation courses set you up for a University degree, but you can also enter many different firms or even set up your own accountancy practice – the choice is yours!